OOTD: Skulls + Trees


This past weekend was a good one. I finally reminded somebody to take a picture of my outfit of the day. It was one of two shirts that I haven’t been able to wear that I got for Christmas. I’ve known about the activities of the weekend for almost two weeks I think. My sister has been volunteering at a women’s domestic abuse shelter and she and her friend/roommate Skyela chose that one since Blondie thought it was close by and she was very interested in it considering what she went through two years ago. Anyways, she signed our mom up to do a two or three-hour Zumbaton! My mom has never done Zumba before, so she thought she wouldn’t get through the full hours but apparently she did! I’m very proud of her, even though she said she had a difficult time getting their actual moves done, she has been learning a few things from watching heavy amounts of DWTS. She said she might’ve sucked at moving her feet, but her lines of her hands were perfect! Oh boy!! Too bad we don’t have video of it! While they were there, I had the option of staying at home or go to my nana’s. I decided on going to my nana’s, and then I realized that it would be a good day to wear my new skull shirts. So I wore them to my nana’s and John and Julie’s that night.

While my mom and sister improvised on workout clothes and deciding on what kind of shoes to bring, I wore my black and black outfit on a very pretty spring day! I got a black tank top with shiny skulls all around, my nana had to fix the sleeves as they would stay on my shoulders. The top shirt is a button-up silky, came with a nice belt because it doesn’t button up all the way and it’s extremely long on me! My dad left a little bit after all this, and I don’t blame him by the end of it all these two were driving me nuts! “Does this work?” “Do you think my feet will stay in these shoes?” My only concern was about my hair. The bad part is that I don’t think cutting it will actually help my situation. Anyways, while dad was out my mom caved in and let me see Midget’s babies. Yeah, we have a new litter of kittens. Actually give it a couple more days and we will have TWO litters! Bootsie is about to pop as well! This is Midget’s first litter and we think she’s not understanding why the want to come at her belly. We had four originally, but um, things happened and two have died. My mom has officially gotten her orange kitty, we just hope it lives! I’ve already got a name for it if it’s a boy: Otis! I think we will call it “Olivia” if it’s a girl since it’s close to “Oliver.” The other baby is black and white. They are very tiny, I’ve actually never seen a newborn kitten before. They were born on April 9th.

Once the two goofballs had decided on their outfits and everything, my mom took me out on the porch so I could visit with the other cats. Although, everybody else scattered as soon as my mom pushed me out of the door. Bootsie was the only one left and she’s been very “loving” lately. She usually doesn’t like me petting her but she’s been letting me do it for the past few weeks. Blondie and I sat out on the porch and visit with her and our other neighbor. At the end, just before my sister put me in the car to leave, I took some pictures of the trees around our front yard. When you first go out, there are two smaller trees at a house on the other side of the road, we think they’re dogwood because they change colors in each stage of the seasons before going bare in the wintertime. They start out as green/white before changing into an emerald-green and then lastly a white/pink during the fall. Our neighbor Ronnie has a big tree in his yard and a small tree or bush, I don’t remember but it looks very pretty too! Majority of the trees around town have bloomed and it makes me so happy! However, not so happy that the bees and wasps have made a comeback already! Ugh!

I went over to my nana’s and we literally spent the whole two or three hours there talking about different things. We were cut off quite a few times after my papaw came back down stairs. While my nana and I were having talks about life and all that, my papaw kept telling me war stories and his time when he was stationed in Hawaii. I’ve heard several stories of his time there, it wasn’t as bad considering the rest of the other soldiers there, he was in the pharmacy part and that’s all I basically know. I’ll ask him sometime about that because I didn’t even know you could do that or could do it back then. I also got to hear the story of the time my grandparents won a car from a lottery ticket late at night. A brand new ’63 Pontiac that was only a few hundred dollars back then. After they won it, apparently they only used a few times before giving it to my papaw’s Aunt Mary? And they give them the money of what it was actually worth back to them! I finally caved in and read a little bit of an Archaeology magazine that he sometimes gets. I’m getting a little obsessed with it honestly, there’s a part in it called “World Roundup” and its little stories of excavations all around the world. I like to read those out loud and I don’t know why because I really hate it! I cannot say big words and sounding them out doesn’t work anymore either. It is fun to try though because we have a hard time trying not to laugh at the same time!

My mom and sister came back to the house around five in the afternoon. They were exhausted, my sister has done Zumba in the past but not for two hours straight. My mom on the other hand, walks because of her work, but that’s basically all she does. She’s only played  Just Dance on Wii a handful of times too. I’ve seen Zumba and it is more of a workout than JD! When we got home, we went to our neighbors after a quick bathroom break. I had fun! My mom and sister left an hour or two, but I stayed the whole three hours there. I watched the guys play pool and hear they’re conversations. A bunch of our neighbors came over, one of which has a baby/toddler. She’s not walking much yet but she can play footsie with me! As it was getting darker and darker, Theresa, Sammy, Alex, Chey, and Chevy came over to the garage for a bit. Whenever they come over and my mom is around, I don’t know I feel like I hold back my feelings and words. Since I was there without her, I got to sit next to Sammy (but I always do!) and I felt happy. I don’t feel like I have to keep things away from anybody, because I know dad doesn’t care what Sammy and I talk about, but my mom being a woman she does! We even managed to get a picture with the two of us and her daughter Chevy, of course she wasn’t looking ahead like we were but it’s still a cute picture! Miss Chey (who is Sammy’s little sister) is getting her spinal fusion surgery done today, she got it done this morning. It’s the same surgery I had but she’s lucky that she’s not going through the halo and three-part surgeries that I did.

My mom wanted me to come home as she was really feeling tired and doesn’t like anybody else taking me to bed except for her, I felt so loved after hearing that! Sammy walked me home because my original plan went to his friend’s house. Before anybody gets excited, this boy is like fourteen years old! Chill out! He’s like a little brother to me! Anyways Sammy AND Chevy hanging on the back of my wheelchair. You can tell she’s done this too many times because Sammy actually knows how to get my headrest off now. When we got there, Chevy immediately ran over to Blondie in my dad’s chair. She isn’t really around her often but still she ran over to her while ChiChi barked and ran at her. Poor thing! The only thing I didn’t like about the whole deal was my mom and Blondie got their goodbye hugs but I didn’t. So somebody owes me a hug! When they left, I went into my room and got ready for bed. We realized that I had been sitting up since about 1pm, I only remember going online in the morning! The last tweet I had posted was 12 hours from the one I made that night. I love those kinds of days of being away from my laptop and online world, no offense to you all!

On Sunday, I woke up at 9am and I could not go back to sleep for the life of me. I even went to bed late too! I was supposed to go back to my nana’s while mom and Blondie did her errands, they left without me but I was okay with it because they only had to go to one place. They did get us some new finger nail polishes for the next time I come over! I’m excited about that because I need my nails done! When they got back, my mom put me in my wheelchair and took me outside. I wanted to spend a little bit of time out there by myself with the cats, but my mom took ChiChi over to the garage to see dad and everybody else, she freaked out whenever she saw Lexi but hardly barked at anyone. Chevy had ahold of her leash when mom took her back to the house, she kept telling her “come on ChiChi” in her little voice. When they got to the house, my mom showed her the cats and new kitties. They came back and Chey, Rex, and Theresa left. We had a big meat feast, pork chops and steaks in like four different marinades. I finished eating and was in the mood to take pictures (and get away from the bugs!) but my mom wanted to go home so I went home with her.

I found out that I had taped the new X-Men movie on HBO! I was so happy! I forgot about when that came on. I also have Who Do You Think You Are on my DVR to watch too! There are a couple more things for me to watch before I think I should start it. So yeah, that’s my whole weekend, well majority of it at least! Now it’s time to start up another week, but I do have Dancing With The Stars tonight so that makes me a little happy! Hope everybody had a great weekend and has a good week ahead of them!


Virtual Reality – What Would You Do?

I grew up on this show called Mad About You. I had several of my family members watch it and record it on video tapes for us. At one point I think we had two or three tapes of hours upon hours of it. Since the show started in the late 90’s, there were a lot of bad fashion trends present and some wacky (back then) story lines. One was about virtual reality, now I’m thinking I was like maybe eight or nine when my mom let me watch the show with her. I kind of remember asking her about virtual reality was back then, but I don’t know what kind of reply she gave me. It is one of my top ten favorite episodes and there is a scene where Paul (Paul Riser) is explaining what he did in his virtual experience, he spent the “day” with Christie Brinkley essentially, Jamie (Helen Hunt) didn’t like it very much and was even more upset that he had invested in it without even talking to her about it. Her reaction is hilarious actually! Because he’s trying his best to make it fine and dandy, it doesn’t go his way though! He does convince her to try it out in the end though!

A few weeks ago, the Insurgent movie came out in the UK and some of my favorite YouTubers got to go see it or something along with it, because they got to try the virtual reality goggles and shared their experiences of what it was like with them on. So afterwards I had a strong urge to watch that episode of Mad About You, so I watched it and after it was over I went online to my personal Facebook and asked all of my friends and family to tell me what they would do if they got to experience virtual reality and got to do anything they wanted like Paul and Jamie got to do. I decided to save myself from the trauma and made everybody give me their answers with a PG-13 rating. This actually worked better than I thought it would!

My Aunt Katt and friend Joanne picked similar experiences, Katt picked a place and a person. She wanted to go on vacation in Hawaii with Tom Sellack or Jason Statham. Jo just picked a place, she wanted stay permanently in Robin Master’s house. She also wanted him to be her housekeeper! My sister gave me two different ones, the first sounds like something she would do now! She said she’d live on that island in Japan that all those cats. Sounds like her, doesn’t it? Out of everybody though, my Uncle David gave me the answer that I was looking for since I made the freaking status! I just was wondering who’d give it to me first my mom or him, but he said that he’d give Christie Brinkley a massage. Which is what happened in Mad About You. I come from a long line of comedians I think! I never got anybody to reply back to me on Twitter, but that was okay.

I’ve been seriously thinking of what I would want to experience. Which is why it’s taken me weeks to get this post up, because I think everybody would think I’d go to Sturgis (which is one of the biggest bike rallies) and I can understand why a few would think that. Or maybe I’d go to the concert or festival of my dreams, last month I considered putting Ultra Music Festival in Miami on that list, but my choice stuck and is something that I know I wouldn’t be able to really experience it physically like ever. Years ago, while my sister was in early high school, she attempted to do two sport activities that I happened to love very dearly, they were track and field and dance. She only did a year of both of them. I’ve always wanted to run. It’s almost a hidden secret, not very many people know how much I really loved running the miles in P.E. and wished I could trade places with one of the students for the day to feel what it’s like to really run on my feet. I feel like Ariel from The Little Mermaid at the moment, but it’s true!

Everybody knows of my love of dance. I still get teary eyed everytime I think my experiences from all the dances I went to in school, sitting at the side of all the slow songs away from everybody so I could cry because nobody would slow dance with me. It basically wrecked me every time I’d sit there in my wheelchair watching these couples wrap their arms around one another, my senior prom was the worst I think. I picked the worst place on the whole dance floor to “sit” and wait until another upbeat song came on. I do enjoy playing Just Dance with my sister, but we don’t do it much anymore and when we do, it’s like my hips feel like they could snap off so easily because we don’t do it often enough. On a lighter note, I’d like to learn the cha cha or Paso Doble. I also have a big love for ballet too! So I’d like to experience being in a big ballet production. Of course, I’d love to be able to stand on my two feet for all these styles of dance too!

So now that you know what I’d do, what would you do? Who would you hung out with if you could? Where would you go?