5 Things I Love About My Sister!

1098213_423279357781653_1981718855_nSo it was National Siblings Day yesterday! Whether or not it really was because you can never tell what days mean anything on Twitter. If I had looked ahead I would have put up this post earlier but this works too! I’ve blogged about Blondie a lot in the past few months, because a difference from last year is she moved closer to home to start her second year of college. So she managed her time from there to here. During her first semester, she met her boyfriend “Batman” and she spent majority of the fall season with him. We got to meet him on my birthday, he was very nice but of course after what happened last year, I was very protective over her and anyone she hung out with, I was the female (less mean looking!) version of our dad! As time went on, he managed to get on my good side and our entire family seems to like him too. She seems very happy with this one. She’s had some personality changes with him too. Like, future wise. She didn’t want kids or get married before and now she does! That was a heartwarming conversation we had in the car on our way to my nana’s one morning!

Here are five things that I love about my sister Emily:

  1. Strength – Blondie has an incredible amount of strength. You don’t know all of the things you can get through, until it happens. Even though she’s had some issues battling with anxiety and depression. For the most part, she’s been able to continue and graduate high school, went to a college that was four hours away, make countless friends, come back home and deal with everybody down here, be around our crazy family when she didn’t feel like it, watch over me, and in the end things started to get better for her and she finally met somebody that understood her. Not very many people can go through something very traumatic and come out fighting like a warrior!
  2. Ability – There was always a well known difference between she and I, I had the disability and she didn’t. I’ve felt bad in the past because I think she grew up faster than most since she always had to watch over me. A funny thing though, I’ve been watching her just as much. I’ve seen her ability to go up in a cheerleading build and just stand there with her foot up in the air! I’ve always been afraid of heights, so that would never work out for me! I’ve seen her ability to not care about what others think about her and me as well. She’s the one that wants to tell off someone if they’ve been staring at me too long while we’re out at the mall or some place. She’s also got the ability to hold her tongue too! That’s not a trait that is known in our family. Somehow she and I managed to get a little bit of it.
  3. Dry Sense Of Humor – On our mom’s side of the family, we must have some comedian genes somewhere down the line, because all of the male figures in our lives have a strong sense of humor. Our dad is the same way, so she got most of his dry humor and uses it to her advantage sometimes! She’ll go right for it too so beware!
  4. Fashion – I love and hate shopping with my sister. 1.) I love the fact that she’ll give me her opinion about an article of clothing, and I trust hers a LOT more than our mom. Mostly because mom will like anything on us. 2.) I hate shopping with her because she’s won’t take my advice! We’re totally the opposites when it comes to fashion. She likes girly pinks, peaches, knitted sweaters, and flip flops. Her favorite store is Forever21 and that should explain a lot from what I just described! I am all about black, band tees, graphic tees, and no glitter tops! Our only common interest are leggings! .
  5. Cats – She started the whole cat revolution in our house! Our mom might’ve had Oliver, but Em’s always had a thing for animals, especially strays. I can predict her opening up her home to every animal in the world that needs a place to stay! She’s the notorious cat lady, Batman is actually okay with it too! I was never a fan of cats before. Oliver was the only one I actually liked, but as I got older I just never liked them. A few years ago, she found Bootsie and we’ve been around her litters and one of the “babies” in her litters just had her first litter of kittens. My mom might’ve gotten her orange kitten this time around!