Music Video Review: “Brother” by NeedToBreathe feat. Gavin DeGraw

There is literally something about finding music for the first time while listening to the radio.

I hardly ever listen to the local stations around here, because about 60% of the time, the stuff they play isn’t “new” so I have to rely on my Sirius XM channels on my TV to help me find new music to listen to on a daily basis. On March 24th, The Pulse did just that. Kim Ashley played the new track from the Christian rock band NEEDTOBREATHE’s album “Rivers in the Wasteland” that came out early last year. The song was called “Brother” and it features pop/rock singer Gavin DeGraw. I’m used to doing just the song reviews, but let’s switch it up a bit since I actually caved and watched the music video for it. This is going to be a music video review for a change.

I’ve actually only heard a few of the band’s songs before. They get played quite a bit on Sirius XM The Pulse because there are more modern, rock, pop hits. Which is honestly my favorite than general pop music. Anyways, they played this song in the morning and from the moment it started, I knew I was going to love this song! I love the soft intro with only the “oohs” and clapping. Once Bear starts singing, I really like his voice. It’s different from other male singers, but in a good way. Gavin has a very soulful voice and he gives the second verse a very different vibe from Bear’s vocals. I love the words and meaning that you can clearly hear in between their voices. I really love the usage of the choir, it makes the song sound more powerful and gorgeous. As far as the outlook of the music video goes, it’s a little confusing for me. It’s very simple. Only five people and a wooden box and an outline of lights in a square. As the video ends, it’s like the box¬†gets smaller, because both singers in NTB bend down slightly. I also don’t like the lights flickering, it actually gave me a small headache. Other than that, it’s a very good music video.

What do you think of the song and music video?