Another Easter Weekend!


I have to start this post off by saying that my dad finally took his bike out of his building early last week!! It was a very good day especially since he’s been feeling pretty awful lately. We’d been hearing the motorcycles out and about since the 25th, and I think he was kind of jealous that everybody has been out riding and he hadn’t, so while he was outside (working on the lawn mower, from what he told me!) I kept hearing a “vroom vroom” from the backyard and it was a LOT louder than the others that race down the road. After he moved it out of the shed, he came inside and into my room, opened the door and said to me “it’s alive! It’s alive!” in a very giddy voice! I couldn’t figure out which one of us was more excited that he got it out! Of course before leaving my room, he said he was going to take it around the block. An hour later, my mom came home from work. I was half tempted to text her beforehand with “you’re gonna happy” and not answer her if she texted me back. She was happy, it didn’t take her long to get changed from work clothes to a T-shirt, jeans and biker boots.

Oh, I forgot to mention that Tuesday night, while my dad was out playing pool. My mom brought Stormy into my room. He spent his time going back and forth between my bed, to the floor where his bowl of food was, and by the door. While he was napping though, I looked over at him and as he was tilting his head back, I thought he was going to tip back and land straight on his head. So I put my foot out in case, a few seconds later he did lose his balance but quickly got it back before hitting the floor. He used my foot as leverage to get back up, but before lying down again he came right up to my hands and I got to bend down and hug him. It was like his little “thank you” gesture! It was so sweet!

My Easter weekend didn’t start until Thursday night. I found two concerts on the Pollandia channel, Ellie Gouding at Wireless last year and a London Live show of Backstreet Boys. It was a BSB kind of weekend for me. I had that to tape and I also had it set to record their documentary film on VH1 Friday night. I had to rearrange my normal routine as my Mysteries At The Museum came back on the Travel Channel that night as well! I finally finished the movie Saturday morning while everybody was still asleep. Saturday was my nana’s birthday, I had a late night Friday night so I was still awake by midnight and I decided to make a big ole status for her than just posting something on her wall. She seemed to enjoy the message. I’m happy that I posted it when I did because I was asleep all morning long and my afternoon consisted of being around a hyper two-year old and a bunch of goofy adults!

It’s midnight that means it’s my nana’s birthday. I usually like hearing my phone go off around this time from certain family members and reading their cute little notes, but I’m pretty sure she would freak out if she got two or three text messages in the middle of the night to find out they’re not emergency texts, however she might be okay with the fact that Adam Lambert would be singing, but knowing that alone, she’d probably think he was singing to her in her dream instead! I hope you have a good and relaxing day! I love you

Before the fun stuff happened Saturday afternoon, my Uncle Shawn came over with his new car. It’s a 2009 Challenger in red and black. It’s gorgeous! My mom and I hadn’t seen it up close yet, I was outside visiting with the cats and enjoying the beautiful weather. When he pulled up, I hollered for my mom. Shawn showed it off to us and took my mom for a drive. I’ve already been told by my dad that the next time I get to go! You remember last year, we had a fun time over at the barn for Easter activities. We didn’t have a Pinata, but we did have a huge Easter egg hunt in our neighbor’s yard. Sammy and her boyfriend Alex hid all of the eggs around a vast space. Rusty and a neighbor kid Cody hid some of the eggs on top of the trees for the older kids. When it came time to go and find them, I think we had six kids in all and everybody just scattered! Chevy and I were going to share a basket of plastic eggs with candies inside of them! Each kid was to have 23 eggs in their baskets. I only wanted the Krabby Patties gummies. I’ve never been into the chocolate bunnies, eggs, or peeps! Yucky!

After it was over with, we went into the garage to eat. Chevy was more concerned about her eggs though! As soon as we were inside, I was the one who had ahold of her basket because she wanted to ride on the back of my wheelchair. So I was on candy duty. She was so cute! She started unwrapping the chocolates and I tried to stop her but it didn’t work. She did give me a mini chocolate egg after she had unwrapped it, I gave it back to her and she ate it. I think she felt bad that I hadn’t had one yet, so she opened another chocolate candy, this time it was a mini Reese’s cup and just stuffed it in my mouth. Sammy finally got her attention with her plate of food and I finally got a chance to eat mine. It was honestly a big feast, our normal Sunday dinner but on a Saturday. Once I was done eating, Chevy realized there was bubbles. My inner child was alive again! However, I had to push her aside and became a little helper. I’m extremely hands on with Chevy, and she is mature, but goofy after a while. She likes to help out with me as much as she can, but we were worried she’d spill the bottle of bubbles all over the floor and be sliding all over the place! So I put my feet around it to keep it steady, she put the wand by my mouth to let me blow a few times but I was so afraid the bubbles would go right in her eyes so I didn’t do it too much!

I woke up Sunday around noon I think. I know, that’s not good! I was up earlier than that but I managed to go back to sleep around 9:30am. I don’t know why I didn’t just stay up! Anyways, I knew what we were doing that day since all of our Easter stuff had been planned for a few weeks on my nana’s birthday my mom felt bad that we didn’t spend it with her. So as she was on lunch Sunday, yeah she had to work both days and still managed to do everything she did this past weekend! So my mom, Blondie, and I went over there so they could do her errands, only to find out that the stores were closed because of the holiday. The visit wasn’t a bust though because while my mom was at work–well technically on her lunch break! She felt bad that she hadn’t made her a cake so she got her a cute little cactus plant. She also got Blondie and I Easter baskets. You’d think we’d be too old for these things? I’m not, I’m still a kid at heart! So she and another nurse she works with got like four baskets (two for Chevy and Chey) and they helped decorate them. I got a little orange basket with a scented vanilla bunny (which had my room smelling like a latte and cupcakes all at the same time!), different chocolate candies and jellybeans, plus two different pairs of socks! I was pretty happy about that!

When we came home from my nana’s, my mom took a nap. I stayed in my room, editing what little pictures we managed to take this time. My mom just decided to take video of the egg hunt and I can’t put it on here, so that’s why I’m not including it in this post. Saturday night I found out that HBO was airing that Frank Sinatra documentary Sunday night and they had premiered Jersey Boys that night. So I recorded both of those and then later on that night I found two episodes of Who Do You Think You Are? that I hadn’t seen yet. Sunday night in the garage was a little boring, I’m pretty sure everybody was still exhausted from the day before! Sammy found four Chinese lanterns and we lit them up as it got darker outside. They were really pretty as they were floating up in the sky! I think we only stayed for an hour or two, before heading home to ChiChi and the cats.

Blondie and her baby Bear-Bear
Blondie and her baby Bear-Bear
My baby Stormy.
My baby Stormy.
Look how cute he is!
Look how cute he is!
My nana's catus that my mom got her Sunday, as a belated birthday present.
My nana’s cactus that my mom got her Sunday, as a belated birthday present.

3 thoughts on “Another Easter Weekend!

  1. You certainly are a busy girl!…I love my cats like you!…They make my day!…Being that one is old and one is young…makes for entertainment at times…
    Our Easter was good too…with the grandkids hunting eggs and getting prizes for certain ones…Food was great!…later!

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