Song Review: “Thread” by Flyleaf

So if you heard Tuesday little post for this week’s Tune Tuesday. You know we’re talking the American rock band Flyleaf and the two singers they’ve had. Tuesday it was about their first singer Lacey Sturm. Now it’s about Kristen May.

I’ll be honest I had a lot of questions about the quality of Kristen’s new role. First thing I remember doing was look up music from her first band Vedera, and I was completely surprised with her. She was VERY different from Lacey, but not in a bad way. As a listener to a lot of music I can accept change a little more simpler than most. I love how she’s more melodic and softer voice whereas Lacey has the screams and her own sound. They’re both very different singers and when they started doing live shows with her, I was on YouTube trying to find videos of her doing those screams that everybody knows and loves. That was one of the first things the band came out with when they first made the announcement of adding her to the group was that she could scream. She can do it, but I honestly don’t think she should. Not that she’s any good, but I think her voice is better without it.

They released an EP called “Who We Are” with Kristen on lead last year, they recorded a new song with her vocals and new lyrics called “Something Better” with another rock band P.O.D. (Payable On Death) lead singer Sonny Sandoval, plus three old school Flyleaf tracks that were from live shows but with Kristen’s voice. It was a nice way of showing fans who had accepted Kristen into the band that has a great voice to fill Lacey’s shoes. Anyways, they’ve recently released their second single of their new album “Between The Stars” last fall. The second song is called “Thread” and it’s a lot softer and not as heavy as “Set Me On Fire” was, I generally love having a big powerful first single, especially with a new singer. It gives the listeners a nice taste of what’s to come in the album once it’s released. “Thread” is an ideal second single as the softer melody and lyrics are catchier. I think it’s a lot safer sound wise. It does have its good points to it, I really love Kristen’s vocals and the guitars, but meaning of the song is kind of lost. That’s all I didn’t like about it.

What do you think about Kristen? Do you like “Thread?” 

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