Blogs That I Love #19


I suck at keeping at routines, especially if they are blog related! At least you get these posts once a month. My other series that is similar to this one is officially on hiatus because apparently I only watch four YouTube channels daily. I’ve been trying to find more new blogs and get myself to read them daily, but it’s not that simple. Luckily, recently I’ve done just that! Hell, I even updated my blogroll again of blogs I actually read, maybe not daily but weekly! Hopefully you like these next selection of blogs. If you haven’t read or follow these blogs, of course I highly suggest you do so!

  1. Nevena Krstic – Nevena is a lifestyle blogger from the UK. She talks about general life topics, does outfit of the day, DIY, and food posts as well. I found her blog while on Twitter, ever once in a while I go through other bloggers “following” tab and she was one of the bloggers I found and kept over time! In the short time we’ve known each other, we’ve talked quite a bit. She’s very sweet! Super gorgeous too!
  2. Our Wolf Song – Kathryn runs a mental health blog, very different from the normal blogs that I think everybody follows on a daily basis! When I found her blog and Twitter, we instantly became friends. She even started doing Lillie McFerrin’s Five Sentence Fiction word wring prompts during our first day we started talking! We’ve established this quite a few times already that we basically have the same music tastes and we can go from composer Hans Zimmer to Hollywood Undead after one finishes. Glad I’m not the only one who can do that! She’s also very sweet and friendly to anyone!
  3. Faye Olivia – Faye is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger. I mostly read her lifestyle posts and her travel posts. Her pictures are beautiful! I found her on Facebook, while I was searching for more blogs to “like” on Facebook which I’ll say was a terrible disaster! I think I added over 45+ blog pages that day and since you only get to see about 10 of them, including the ones you’ve already liked in the past, you don’t get to see them all on your dashboard. For some odd reason, Faye’s blog was one of the ones that I couldn’t stop thinking about, it might have something to do with the fact I was a little obsessed with her name. Well, one day after months of only seeing her posts every once in a while I finally had a few and attempted to find them on Twitter, she was one of like two I found and she’s never came off it since! So now that I follow her blog on Bloglovin I never miss a post so that’s even better!
  4. SilverSpoon London – Angie is one of my newer bloggers I’ve been following lately! I’m usually okay with being a broke person/blogger, there’s nothing really wrong with that! Every once in a while, I like to see explore my expensive tastes in a safe way! SilverSpoon London is a luxury lifestyle, food and travel blog from of course London! I am really in love with this blog! It has been a real joy reading and looking at her pictures of everything! Don’t be surprised if you spend an hour on her blog because you will be dreaming of the food and all the places she’s been to. Just a warning!


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