Vloggers That I Love #2


It’s the second month of the year! It’s a good thing that I’ve decided to do these once a month because I don’t even watch three others in a week. I don’t like anything but the daily vlogs apparently, because I’m very, very addicted to them. I have to give the two I’ve selected for this month a lot of kudos because I don’t think I would be able to do a vlog everyday. I’m not all that interesting at the beginning of the week, trust me! If you haven’t watched these vlogger’s channels you really need to. Enjoy!

  1. PointlessBlogTV – You’ve heard me talking about Alfie’s channel a lot in the last month or so. When I wake up around noon or two in the afternoon, I’m very anxious that I’ve missed it so I literally go on Twitter first thing and load up the link if it’s there. I have watched a few of his main channel videos, not a lot though. I don’t understand how people like Alfie can do a different vlog everyday. I mean, when do you sleep? He’s got THREE different channels. So he’s always got something new coming along. That’s crazy!
  2. SacconeJolys – The SacconeJolys are a family of vloggers, originally from Ireland and now they live in England with their two kids: The parents and creators of this channel are Jonathan and Anna (both have separate channels as well) their children are Emilia, who is 2 and Eduardo who is almost a year old. Plus their six doggie friends. It’s a full house but they are really interesting! I’ve talked about them to my nana a lot and I’ve just found their videos quite recent. They recently went to Disney World and then went to Playlist Live afterwards. I watched that whole week of vlogs religiously! When Emilia met Cinderella, Anna, and Sofia the First I just bawling my eyes out. So many emotions were floating right out of me that I couldn’t control it.