The A-Z Of Me Tag


I get very bored in the middle of the night, we all do. I usually scroll up and down my Pinterest and Bloglovin accounts because it relaxes me. Of course, not to the point to where you feel going to sleep, but at least I’m relaxed! One night recently I went on my Bloglovin and I love finding tags from other bloggers! I am a nosy bitch sometimes and I love to read everybody’s answers to the questions! Well, I was reading an interesting tag on Little Miss Katy and I knew I had to do it. What words would you use to describe yourself? Hope you enjoy!

A is for Adventurous:

I think I’ve always been adventurous. I am usually up for anything that’s not illegal to do.

B is for Beautiful:

I know I am beautiful. I think everyone in this messed up world is beautiful in their own way.

C is for Chevy:

If you don’t know, Chevy is this little girl who lives in my neighborhood. In the last year, she’s became my little buddy. She’s in an environment where she is exposed to people with disabilities all the time. Her aunt has Down Syndrome and from a young age, she’s had to figure out to understand the both of us. She loves riding on the back of my wheelchair and on my lap. She’s so incredibly sweet and if needed, she will help me to the best of her ability and she’s only two years old. I love this little girl a lot.


D is for Dance:

I love dancing! I do a little happy dance whenever something good happens. I am so excited that Dancing With The Stars comes back in a couple of weeks! I have a slight obsession of looking up different hip hop dance videos on YouTube.

E is for Experience:

I live to experience things. It’s something that kind of goes great with blogging too. Everything I do or have done will more than likely make it onto my blog. I love sharing my experiences with people and showing that I’m not just a person with a disability I like to do things that might seem crazy.

F is for Flawed:

I am very flawed, we all are. I think it’s good that I’ve accepted my flaws for what they are, I definitely can’t change them and I wouldn’t want to honestly. Once you accept your flaws nobody can use them against you.

G is for Grandparents:

Ahh, grandparents! What would we do without them? They spoil us and give us ever-lasting wisdom. I was fortune enough to spend lots of time with both sides of my grandparents growing up. When I was little, I loved going to visit my grandma (dad’s mom) she lived a little further out from where we did at the time. So back then, traveling there was a mini adventure that I loved taking. I still remember a time my grandma and I were heading back to her house and it was like 6pm or later. The truck we rode in didn’t have AC so we had the windows rolled down and we were driving on this curvy road and there was a part in the road where you could clearly see the town/city nearby. It was late at night of course, so the entire area was lit up and it looked so beautiful! My grandma and grandpa used to have my cousins Morgan, Marley, and I at the house at once. So three 3 M’s in one house wasn’t the best idea!

I’ve always been close to my nana and papaw (mom’s side) mostly because they lived a lot closer. I remember doing a LOT of different things while at my nana’s with my sister and our cousins. We used to play in the dirt with spoons, like we were digging for treasure. We also did quite a few arts and crafts stuff too. Play-Doh, bubbles, and chalk were a godsend to my nana back then!  I think as we got older, we each got a different trait for each of them. We all have a strong love for basketball, trains, anything Native American, and animals.


H is for History:

I am a history buff. So much of the world’s history is literally so interesting. You can catch me watching Travel and History channels every once in a while. It kind of baffles me that everything we do in our daily lives could possibly end up in our future grandchildren’s history books. It’s not like they have enough to learn in school as it is, but it’s kind of cool! I love anything from dinosaurs, Egypt, Pompeii, the Victorian era, Greek mythology, Romanov dynasty, and others but I can’t help what else at the moment. Maybe one of these days I’ll make a blog post of everything that I’m obsessed over.

I is for Imagination:

It kind of freaks me out that when I was born, I had a generally small head like the other babies, but as soon as I started growing and learning to do things, my head started shaping into a weird way. I look like I have an alien head! I’ve always had a large imagination. I could somehow merge to things that didn’t go together and then somehow dream about it. I would take things like animated movies with real life situations and put them together. I don’t do that anymore but I do pull different people’s faces and personalities (and sometimes voices!) and create a totally new scenario. That’s the one thing that won’t become a blog post because it’s REALLY heard to explain!

J is for Jovial:

Jovial means cheerful and friendly, for those of you that didn’t know that. I’m going with direction of cheerful for this word. On my good days, I’ve been know to be pretty cheerful. I love building people up and getting them excited or just getting them to think about the good stuff instead of the bad. I’m also the person to try to distract them as well!

K is for Knowledgeable:

I am very knowledgeable. It kind of goes with the knowing a lot of history at one time too. Life gives you a lot of lessons and it’s really important to keep a few of those in mind as you get older. I always want to know more than perhaps I should, but I love it nonetheless.

L is for Loner:

I am a loner. As much as I love being around people, being by myself in my room or some place that’s nice and calm, it’s like a mini oasis. I hate some of the things my mind will come up with on a daily basis, but getting lost in space for several minutes can be relaxing. I like observing my surroundings and being quiet than loud and obnoxious.

M is for Motorcycles:

My dad will be very happy that I selected this word for this letter. Motorcycles are a big part of my life, always have been! I’ve known about Harley Davidson motorcycles since I was a baby. I’ve had so many HD shirts in my lifetime. I used to call my first wheelchair a motorcycle because my dad put a Harley Davidson sticker on the side of it. My dad’s had two different bikes, and we’re so excited to going to Plummer again at the end of the summer! My mom and dad are going to Boogie sometime in June. I can’t go there because of the hills, nobody thinks my wheelchair can take it. He also likes the fact that his motor of his bike, that has a skull on it is the main picture on my phone.

N is for Names:

I have a serious obsession with names. I love them! It didn’t start to get so crazy until I started looking at our local newspaper and reading all of the names. My most favorite name I remember liking was “Symphony Marie” and the only name that has ever made me look like a total dumbass was “Brisun” I thought it wasn’t pronounced as it looks, so my nana and I were making it harder than it should’ve been, so my mom set us straight and told us that it was “Bryson” but not in that spelling! I have quite a collection of names of my own.

Esme, Lachlan, Otto, Nina, John, Freya, Cheryl, Leah, Mariah, Reverie, Owen, Milo, Clementine, Ava, Elizabeth, Noah, Mae, Stella, Alexandra, Henry, Eleanor, Hayden, Olivia, Mason, Anouk,, Zara, and Lilianna.

O is for One Direction:

I think you all should know this by now. If you haven’t noticed though, with every music act I ever get attached to, I do get to the point where I talk about them too much and push people away. I don’t mean to, but yet it happens anyways. Niam. ♥

P is for Photography:

I am really into photography! This is going to come as a shock to a few people, but as a baby I was very photogenic, but towards the my kid stage (9-12) I kind of hated it. Teenage years I went back to liking myself in pictures again and I’m still the same now. I like being the one taking the pictures though. I am the only one on the grandkids side that still does selfies. I still love it!

Q is for Questions:

This is actually going to be a future blog post, well at least the topic will. I am always asking questions to the most obvious to the stupidest. So I apologize in advance if you are the person I ask it to. I also love being asked questions, at least the ones I actually know the answers to. I’m very open about wanting people and children to ask me questions out in public or online, because I think it’s important for them to know the truth and it’s a lot better than being stared at.

R is for Rare:

I choose the word “rare” for this letter because I live with a rare disease. Arthrogryposis and if you don’t know what it is, it’s simply a joint disease. My arms are bent at the elbow and both my arms, fingers, and legs are very skinny. That’s why at a young age I had to learn how to do things with my feet instead of my hands.

S is for Symphonic Metal:

I’m obsessed with female fronted bands, like hardcore. Even though my iPod only has this genre only called “metal.” Symphonic metal is the best! I got into the whole lot in 2010, a year after I officially got into bands like Linkin Park, In This Moment, and My Darkest Days. My love for symphonic metal didn’t necessarily start at that time though, it started in 2004 when I became a fan of Evanescence. Now a lot of people think Evanescence shouldn’t be considered in the genre but I disagree. In 2012, I started listening to Sirius XM Octane and they played Within Temptation’s “What Have You Done” and Nightwish’s “Ghost River” and the rest is history. I’ve talked about quite a few of my favorite symphonic metal bands on here and with my family.

The reason why I’m so into SM is because I love the use of orchestra instruments and choirs singing in different languages (mostly Latin) and of course with female singers their voices are more higher than the average pop singer. If you need suggestions on where to start: Within Temptation and Delain are good starters. Kamelot is progressive/symphonic metal with a male singer and background female singers and Sirenia are good bands to listen before you go into the “big dogs” as I like to call them. Nightwish, Epica, Leaves’ Eyes, and later Xandria are the best that I’ve found through my journey.

T is for Talkative:

People like to talk, I like to ramble on and on. Read above if you don’t believe me! 😉

U is for UK:

I’m literally addicted to the UK, I sooooo want to visit there. If I could ever live in England though, I’d love to London one day. I have so many friends from different areas that I know majority of the differences between America and Britain. Can I move now?

V is for Vlogs:

Really? You already know I’m hooked. If I could figure out to do the video on my camera, I may do those hauls that I see other people do too. One day I’d like to start daily vlogging too, but that’s deep into the future.

W is for Wheelchairs:

I’ve only had two wheelchairs in my twenty something years. You’re only supposed to have one for five years total, but I go over that big time. I had my first wheelchair for 10 years, I got it when I was four years old! That’s when my love for speed, ramps, and going into puddles/mud really started. It was also there that running over people’s feet was a freaking blast! I was a rebel child I swear! When I was 14 though, like maybe a week after Christmas was over, my dad surprised me with a new wheelchair. It was hot pink and I hated it! Everything else about it was great, I’m still waiting for the “ok” to get my third wheelchair but we’ve been waiting for 2 years now.

X is for Xenodochial:

Thankfully I had some help for this letter! My friend Savannah put a screen shot of different words and meanings, this one sounded more like me so I picked it! I’ve always been friendly towards others, even as a baby. I love going out to the mall or Wal-Mart and seeing people, I usually try to pass everyone with a smile or giving them a compliment. I am extremely friendly with kids. They seem to get a kick of my wheelchair and when they realize I can talk and I’m waving with my feet, their faces are priceless sometimes! They don’t know what to do!

Y is for Young:

I’m young at heart. I’ve got over 26 Disney animated movies on my DVR and has been known to hum a few of songs in the car too.

Z is for Zealous:

This was another word that came from a friend of mine. Chantal picked this out because I’m very enthusiastic! I do have to agree with her, because for different things like some I’ve just named above I get so into and turn into a weird person.