All About That Bass


Don’t worry I’m not talking about body shaming and all that! I’ve actually got one heck of a confession.

When Meghan Trainor’s “All About That Bass” came out and started playing on all of the radio stations. I was only hearing bits and pieces of it, because I didn’t like the beat of it and then I kept reading everybody’s opinions of the lyrics and I was completely not a fan of that and didn’t understand why everybody was liking it so much. Well, the parts I was hearing weren’t registering in my head at all. I thought it was about bass, like “boom-boom-boom” that makes your body vibrate in your car if you’ve got the right kind of speakers. So when my mom told me what it was really about I felt like a total dumbass! Still, I thought it make a great theme for a Tune Tuesday post! What is your favorite heavy bass song?

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