Megz Goes To The Dentist

Man do I have a funny story to tell you!

As you can see from the title of this post, I went to the dentist. If you follow me on Twitter, you might’ve seen my tweets about my hatred for the place. I’ve talked about it on here a little bit too. There are not very many places that I despise, except the dentist and eye doctor. Everybody in my family knows it. It seriously doesn’t matter how old I get — there’s a pretty good chance I’ll have a meltdown in the middle of the appointment.

Wednesday morning was the day that I got up bright and early with my mom and dad. I’ve been freaking out since last Thursday, but I still woke myself up and went online for an hour before my mom got up. My dad and I both were up before her! My dad was really nice, he got me an apple fritter from Casey’s for breakfast. As much as I told myself I shouldn’t eat it all – I did it anyways! Blondie had her appointment a half hour before me, but yet when she got called up first and wasn’t there yet, guess who had to go instead? Me. Technically, dad went first and he’s just as bad as I am. He was only going to get a X-Rays and see what kind of work needs to be done. He’s got more issues than I do so in a way, I should be grateful for that. I took my headphones and iPod for the ride there and back. Next time I might be wearing them while I’m getting worked on because the noises I was hearing were freaking me out the most!

The drive there was very calming, I kept thinking of my nana’s message she sent me before we left that she gave me an extra prayer and to look for something good to get myself through it (something blog worthy) and just before we left the house I saw that Alfie and SacconeJolys had new vlogs up and I instantly got excited about that and I just kept thinking about the fact that I have something to look forward to when I got back home. It was actually working too until I went into their room were they do cleanings, I’m not kidding when I say it looks like a science lab! I felt like I was back in school! This time I had to sit in the chair and once mom put me in it, I was in love! We need one of those for my room no joke! She raised me up and back so she could get my teeth at a better angle (our local dentist doesn’t have that!) and as much as I enjoyed laying in the chair it was like it activated my crazy/idiotic side. I kept saying “sorry” for stupid things and felt my teeth chatter as she was working on them. I didn’t bite her though!

I was doing pretty good though while she worked on my bottom teeth but as she was working on the top, I guess she couldn’t get the stuff off with the instrument she was using, so she brought out this other one that she bravely said “made noise” and after that it was like panic just shot through my body and the flood gates opened and I couldn’t control myself any longer! I felt so embarrassed! Here I am in my early 20’s having a crying fit while my mom sat in the room. Luckily it wasn’t my dad, but still! The thingy she was using squirt out water and she said something about vibrations and my gums were not having that! After she was done, she discussed things over with my mom and then said that she was going to have another doctor look at my teeth, “so she wasn’t all the way done” that’s what my brain kept saying over and over. He said about the same stuff she did but added a bit. I have to go back and get them checked in a few weeks. Cleaning wasn’t bad, it’s the fillings that’s basically going to kill me I swear!

So that’s one part of a long experience for 2015. I only wrote this for pure enjoyment, so you’re allowed to laugh at certain parts. I don’t mind, when I told my dad that I cried (because he asked in the car) and I said “yes” he started laughing. While we were heading home, we stopped at a gas station for a drink and he asked me what I wanted, and I said whatever they were getting. He bravely says, “do you want a beer?” and I said back to him and mom, “at this point I don’t really care.” I could have used a beer, technically anything alcoholic after that appointment. Even though my mom did say I should have taken a Valium before we got there, because I couldn’t relax. I thought I was doing pretty good until she went towards the top and it all came downhill after that.