OOTD: Dropping Cameras + Family Time

I love to hate these colder months I swear! Funny thing is, I’m pretty sure they hate me right back. If the temperature goes up or drops, its like my body has radar and my body aches in different places. I’ll be a happy camper when spring is here, but all that will bring are thunderstorms and my least favorite: tornadoes. That’s the downside, but I’m getting anxious about going outside and taking pictures with my camera. I’m pretty sure you all are tired of me talking about it!

I’m not very handy with cameras though. I should be grateful that I’ve been able to use my phone camera for as long as I have, because ever since 2009, digital camera have been like an enemy for me. I went to my friend’s graduation and I was out taking pictures after the ceremony was over and as I was about to give my camera to a guy to take the picture for a friend and I, it literally drops onto the concrete and basically shatters. I came home in a sad mood and my mom and dad were no help. So everytime I hold one, my mom goes “don’t drop it Meghan.” On Saturday, I took my camera over to my nana’s house. She hasn’t really used a camera like this before and I kept telling myself that I need to play around with it and figure out how to hold it with my feet. I knew my grandparents would have the right type of batteries I needed for it, my nana and I had ourselves a little try out with it. Although we couldn’t figure out how to exactly take the picture. Two days later when my sister came home, she showed me and now I know how to do it. Yay!

I’ve literally looked up the instructions on Google like five times so I’m really committed to learning more about it as a whole. I am terrified to change anything on it. I actually got the “menu” and “delete” buttons mixed up and I almost had a freak out moment at my nana’s Monday afternoon. Oh yeah, Uncle David and Aunt Katt came over to my nana’s for a visit. It was very strange, because it was a Monday but it felt like a Saturday to us. My mom worked all weekend long so she definitely thought it was Saturday. Blondie came home this weekend and it was nice to have everybody in the house, eating French beard pizza. I tried to get pictures but I kept dropping my camera. I dropped it like three times on the kitchen floor. I felt bad because of the two carpets in that house to drop it on, it’s the hard carpet. Trust me, my butt still hurts from falling out of my chair. It can’t be considered carpet in my opinion. Anyways, I thought I broke it because the batteries fell out while it was on and it shut off with the lens out.

In my family, our topics of conversation can get pretty interesting at a really fast pace. We managed to talk about domestic abuse, religions, wars, meat, animal cruelty, high school reunions and lastly talked about animals again but it was a more happier discussion than before. I like it when we have these types of talks because everybody has their own opinions on the matters and I’m usually the one sitting there, listening to each person. This is what I do but I was so happy that I’ve mastered the will to hold my tongue sometimes. Because at least two topics above could’ve ended badly if I had voiced my opinions on it. By the end of it all though, my mom brought out this big stack of pictures from my nana’s office and she began to look through them. David, Katt, and even my papaw got on the action. It is hilarious that with all these pictures we were looking at, I was seeing a LOT of pet pictures. So if you thought I posted a lot of pictures of our cats, I got it from my mom’s side of the family!

We got home like two hours before The Originals came on. I didn’t get much sleep the night before, so towards two in the afternoon, I started to get extremely tired! I was enjoying family time way too much to go home early though. I took a few random pictures I’ll share in a few weeks. My mom and I have decided that we’ll only upload a big stack of them at a time, because of the way the SD card goes into my laptop. I don’t think I can do it by myself. However, you will be very proud of me. I reminded my mom to take a picture of my outfit of the day! It was too cold to take the picture outside and about the left side of my face, it was bright in that side of the room. There’s no way of fixing it sorry! My shirt is from Hot Topic (of course!) and I got it for Christmas. It says “without music life would be a mistake” and its true! I’m wearing my mom’s old North Face jacket she gave me at the beginning of fall. I’m also wearing my favorite pants, I don’t remember what brand it’s from but they came from Wal-Mart a few years ago! They’re my favorite because of the buttons on the side of the length. It makes my legs look cute! I don’t own any beanies, but we do have like hundreds of bandanas (because of my dad) but this is one of two girly colors he gave us! We couldn’t find my skull bandana.

Hope you all enjoy your weekend!


Don't mind the mud on the floor! Lol
Don’t mind the mud on the floor! Lol