TV Shows I’m Addicted To!

I’ll be honest, I’m not a BIG TV watcher like I used to be. Ever since we got DISH a few years ago, I haven’t been watching TV during the day, just mainly at night. Of course, lately I have been watching the History channel like crazy. My TV is usually on the many music channels and both Food and Cooking channels. I don’t have Netflix and quite frankly I kind of don’t want to get it anytime soon because I feel like I wouldn’t use it as much as I’d like to and if I did, I’d only use it at night to watch any Disney movie I want to, which isn’t a bad thing! I do have a great mix of shows I watch during the week after 7pm. If you knew me really well, you will understand why I love all of these shows so much. If you’re looking for a new show to watch I’d suggest you get watching because you miss something awesome!


I basically see a new week starting on Sunday, you all are probably wondering¬†why haven’t you always done that?¬†And I can only say this. When I was in school Sunday was considered a good day outside of Monday and Friday. Sunday is the first day my week, and it starts with Total Divas and Unique Sweets. Total Divas is an hour show made up of the private lives of a few WWE Divas like The Bella Twins, Natayla, Eva Marie, and Paige. In every season they’ve somewhat changed the cast, we had Summer Rae last fall and now we don’t have Trinity aka Naomi. Which between the two of them. I think Trin was more popular. At the beginning of the season I loved Nattie but hated Eva Marie. Now I’m the opposite. My new favorite of this season is definitely Paige, she’s just young and seems to be enjoying life. I also have a major girl crush on her and Eva. My second show is only a half hour and it’s the most popular on my DVR, so far I have 37 episodes saved.

Last year, my Monday and Tuesday nights were pretty jam-packed! Now it’s only Tuesday that is kind of like that. You always need good something to look forward on Mondays, and I have The Originals. It’s the spin-off of another favorite of mine and it starts at 8pm on the CW. During season three of The Vampire Diaries we were introduced to more of the original vampire family, the Michaelsons. Everybody LOVED this family I swear! Elijah was introduced in the beginning of season two and then big almighty Klaus came into the picture at the middle but he didn’t have a “body” he was just jumping into a different body so to speak. After the end of season three, a few of the Originals stayed in Mystic Falls as a regular before heading over to New Orleans after a minor character Hayley was sent there to find more about her family, she recently had a one night stand with Klaus, which resulted in Hayley being knocked up. The story is mainly about family, whether it’s flesh and blood or not and gaining back power. It’s a different plot and more matured than TVD honestly.

Tuesday is my night of TV back-to-back. I used to have three shows going on and two were roughly playing at the same time, which always sucked! Normally, it’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D. running the 8pm slot, but it’s off air until next month, Agent Carter is on at 9pm. Everybody knows how big of a fan I am of Marvel, sadly I’m not into both Arrow and The Flash, but ever since I watched the first Captain America movie, I’ve been wanting to learn more about Peggy Carter after WWII so this was my answer. I love basically everything about this show, this is Peggy’s life right after the war ended and Steve Rogers crashed into the ice. She’s still badass as she was in the film. We get to learn more about SSR and her co-workers and how they feel about having a woman agent in office because this was the late 1940s, women didn’t have big jobs like this yet. We also get to meet Edwin Jarvis, who is Howard Stark’s butler and later on becomes a tutor of little Tony Stark. I am seriously loving every minute of this show and hope it gets the “OK” for another season!

At 10pm, my second show of the night starts and it’s called Forever. It premiered in the fall, but since I didn’t exactly know if my sleep schedule would let me stay up for it, I just started recording it and watching it in the mornings. It’s a strange show to explain, because the main character Dr. Henry Morgan leads a very strange life anyway. He is immortal, he’s been alive for 200 years. Everytime he “dies,” he always ends up in the water — buck naked. He has a son that he and his wife Abigail adopted during WWII named Abraham “Abe” and he is in his 50-60s (rough estimate). Henry currently works as a New York medical examiner and works personally beside a detective named Jo Martinez and his assistant Lucas Wahl. In almost every murder there is some part of his past that is synchronized to the actual murder. While he’s living his long life he thinks he’s the only one, but as it turns out there’s another immortal running around New York seeking to pull out the bad in Dr. Morgan. We recently got to meet that character’s face, whose name is “Adam” because he said he feels like he’s been alive since the start of Adam and Eve. I love anything to do with any kind of history and since Henry has been alive since the 1600s or so, there’s a lot of ground to cover and it makes things kind of interesting and special,

I don’t have any shows on Wednesdays anymore. You all should know about my love for both The Vampire Diaries and Ridiculousness on Thursday nights. On Friday, I have roughly one show that I’ve been watching, but the original series hasn’t premiered a new episode since Christmas break. I love watching Mysteries At The Museum on Friday nights, they usually have a marathon starting at 6pm and ending at midnight. The new episodes come on at 9pm and it is hosted by Don Wildman, who used to host the History channel series Cities Of The Underworld that I just loved! The show is mainly about different relics that museums share from across America, the stories of this object came to be known for and sometimes how they got it. If you’re really into history, this your kind of show. I found it one day on accident, I heard the opening segment from the living room as my dad has other TV shows playing on the Travel channel and as soon as I heard it, I knew I had to find it and watch it. They’ve been playing a spin-off called Mysteries At The Castle, which have been equally exciting too!

So that’s it, that is what I normally watch during the week. However, I feel like I should have done this post like months ago because there’s like two more episodes left of Agent Carter and Forever. Both Dancing With The Stars and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. come back in the beginning of March. What are addicted to watching during the week?