Ready To See Furious 7!

On Super Bowl Sunday, I was at my neighbors in their garage with a little bit of everybody and a couple of kids. We got there an hour or two, before kick off. We ate and enjoyed some laughs, plus a few games of pool while we waited. I’m normally not into football, haven’t been really into it since 2008. So the fact that in the beginning of the actual game and since I could barely hear the game on the TV (and my own thoughts), I decided to scoot up closer to the TV and watch it. Don’t worry I didn’t want the cheaters to win like my mom did. I swear she only wanted them to win because she has a thing for Tom Brady. Yuck!

Technically, I was only watching it for two reasons. Katy Perry halftime show – Madonna and Beyonce were better – and the fact if Star Lord or Captain America were going to win. Confused? Well, after the patriots won the last playoff game apparently Chris Pratt and Chris Evans made a nice bet between the two of them and whatever team they were rooting for to win. The bet was if Seahawks won, which was Chris Pratt’s team then Chris Evans was to dress up in full Captain America get-up and wear a Seahawks jersey to Christopher Haven for charity. Well, I was fully on Pratt’s side and I wasn’t the happiest when I found out that Evans won the bet, but apparently it’s all good considering their both going to see these kids, but whether or not Evans is dressed up as Cap is another story. They also raised $27.000 as well!

While I was watching the game, I do like to watch the commercials. Every once in a while they do show the funnier ones during the Super Bowl. We all knew for weeks that the first trailer for the new Fast and Furious movie would premiere during one of the many breaks. As loud as it was in the garage, I could faintly hear Vin Diesel’s voice narrating the first bit of the commercial and I instantly got excited! You know when you’ve watched these movies with your family WAY too much when your dad bravely announces five times to everybody in the room “oh, that’s what Meghan wants to see!” and to let everybody know, yes I do want to see this movie badly! I already know that I’ll probably be watching it with my sister as here’s no hope in getting my mom in the room in one piece.

After Paul Walker’s death, getting to the point where we could watch the sixth movie together was a bit difficult. My mom had an excuse not to watch it, she was doing laundry. So Blondie and I sat out in the living room and watched it. We were doing fine, no crying until the very end at the beginning of the prayer and it was like the flood gates opened up and we became more like our mom that evening than we ever had before. Several months later, my mom was up in the middle of the night and saw that the movie was on our movie channels. She texted me at like 2am and luckily for her, I was awake at that time asking if we’d already seen it. Oh boy! I had to remind her of the layout of that night. I still have no clue if she watched it or not. She still watches films with Paul in it, everytime Takers is on she watches it. I know he’s gone, but I’m so glad that his legacy will live on in these films because of his brothers helping out in the production of it. I don’t know how long they’ll keep Brian O’Connor in the actual story line but I hope it’s enough to give the character enough respect if it is the last time we’ll ever see his face in the movies.

Will you be seeing the new installment when it comes out?