Guest Post | Carolee Part 2

I know it’s been longer than I originally wanted this next installment to go, but I didn’t want to rush Carolee if she needed to fix a few things before I decided to publish this post. I don’t want to do a long introduction to this one like I did for the first post, so I’m including the original installment so you get an idea of what I had in mind for this collerbation. If you want to read Part 1 click here. This is going to be tiny bit different than the other one. I am including Carolee’s artwork into this post and what music acts were used to inspire them. So I hope you enjoy!

Seven Lions 

My #1 favorite DJ/artist is Seven Lions. He’s been around since 2010-2011, but I discovered him by chance on a Spotify playlist one day in 2013, and there are no words to explain how in love I was with every single song of his that I listened to after that. His music is deep, exciting, and it can even be abstract at times. All of it is just very satisfying to listen to.

  1. He molds everything you know about electronic music and turns it into his own unique style. You think ‘Man, there’s no way he’ll be able to outdo himself in the next track’ but then that’s exactly what he does. I haven’t heard another DJ that sounds like him yet.
  2. His music has meaning. This is the thing that a lot of other electronic music lacks. Some songs of his are instrumental and some have vocals, but I feel as if I can see the stories that are trying to be told. I know most of this genre is meant to be for partying, but I feel like you can have a good time while feeling the vibes of being in another world. He really pushes the barriers artistically and experimentally when it comes to making this kind of music. You’ll know this the moment you listen to his stuff that it’s just…different and insanely good.
  3. If I need a creativity boost, I can just blast this guy’s music and let my mind go somewhere else while I draw. It’s very easy to get lost in his worlds for hours, especially if I find that special song and have it on repeat!


Also someone who started out in 2010 but who I didn’t discover until 2012 through what I would consider one of the most amazing remixes I’ve ever heard (even now) since I stared listening to this type of music. Xilent has a more playful and upbeat approach in what he makes but it’s still very new and unique. I’ll admit I’ve heard other DJs that try to imitate his sound but it’s a style that can’t be easily duplicated.

  1. Listening to his music can feel so much like being in space. Like you’re in a spaceship light years away looking at the brilliance of all the stars around you. It just feels very futuristic and you want to listen to the whole track and see how it ends.
  2. I really look forward to listening to what he has to make next. I feel like he’s getting better and better with every track or remix that he releases.
  3. He makes every element of his music “fit”. When you listen to a Xilent track or remix, be prepared for a seriously amazing flow of electronic sounds and beats. It’s very hard to find other electronic music of this caliber.



Well I originally made this to Excision’s “Sleepless” but I was also inspired by Xilent’s remix. I had never seen an image of a face that clearly in my head since. Both the songs are amazingly good in terms of vibes. 

 Inspired by Seven Lions’ “Running To The Sea” remix. I named it “Cold Dreams” because I drew it on the first cold front that year.


(You could imagine how ecstatic I was when I found out that these two decided to collaborate! What an amazing combination of styles and sounds, I hope these two will keep making music together in the future. People know how insanely talented these two are. It’s called “The Fall”)
*I’ve only used spell check to fix my parts, Carolee’s words are her own.