Tune Tuesday: The Pretty Reckless


I’ve been trying to save the more international ladies because I might consider bringing the Worldwide edition back. There were a few places that didn’t have any or very much and I’ve found some for them now. I might wait to bring it back around springtime. Something to keep looking forward to in the next several months!

It’s all about The Pretty Reckless.

Yup, let’s bring out the band with their lead vocalist, Taylor Momsen.  She basically inspired the artwork above. You would think with all of the female fronted bands out there that I actually listen to, Taylor would be the last person I’d found inspiration from, but I did. Anyways, TPR are pretty awesome! However, like everything else I tend to listen to, I wasn’t a big fan of them when they came out with their first album. I was hooked to “Just Tonight” because they played that song all the time on the Sirius Top 40 XM channels and local radio stations. I always wonder when female rock/metal songs get played that much on mainstream channels if listeners like rock as much as they’d like to keep quiet about it? It also could be the fact Taylor was still playing a character on the TV show, Gossip Girl. No, I never watched that show either. I’m still freaking out that this used to be the little girl in the movie, Dr. Seuss’ How The Grinch Stole Christmas. 

Yeah, that little girl!

She’s certainly grown up from those days. Now she’s a powerful force in the male based rock/metal world. After giving their first album a second chance and failed at it again, I wasn’t sure how I’d like their new album that came out early last year, “Going To Hell” but I decided to give it a go after basically falling in love with the first three singles. I’m still addicted to “Heaven Knows” and will stop whatever I’m doing to sing along to it. Taylor’s got a unique voice, it’s rough and raspy, but grabs your attention. It’s not a normal voice that would be melodic but she can definitely pull it off! Did you hear that The Pretty Reckless and Halestorm are going on tour together? Isn’t that a match made in heaven. Two powerful female vocalists and bands leading the way to inspire other young girls. There isn’t anything wrong with that.

Just for a heads up, if anybody who hasn’t heard of the band or their new album, you may not want to listen to “Follow Me Down” with normal speakers. That introduction isn’t very child or sometimes parent appropriate.