Tune Tuesday: Cascada


Week three and it’s about Cascada.

Now I’ll explain this first, it’s really all about their female singer Natalie Horner, but since there are three other people in the group, I have to add them along to the post too! The other three members are Manuel Reuter, Yann Peifer, and DJ Torb. If you’ve never heard them before they are an EDM act coming all the way from Germany. I heard about them years ago, way before Dubstep came and took me over! I’m thinking they came out while I was still in middle school, the first song I heard by them was “Everytime We Touch” and it played on the radio stations like crazy! That was our first taste of the EDM craze we’d get used to hearing all the time, but I used to watch their music videos on MTV early in the mornings too. I always thought Natalie was gorgeous!

I have quite a few songs of these guys on my iPod and I still have more I’d like to get someday! Everybody knows how much I love to dance and see others dance, when it’s a Cascada, you know the choreography is going to be awesome! I’m actually very picky when listening to anything in the dance music category, mostly because of this group. They started a lot for me. I was always into trance music but I’ve become a bigger fan if they have a female singer on the actual track. I don’t like very many male singers in these songs. A female singer can help guide you on a journey through listening to the beat of the music. So I give Natalie a lot of kudos for creating that trend! Here is a small list of my favorite songs: “Perfect Day,” “Faded,” and “What Hurts The Most”I would love to hear some new music by them in 2015. It’s been a while since they’ve released an album in the US.

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