Geeky Weekend


Well, if you read my post on Friday, you know how I’ve been feeling “weird” lately and how much stress I shouldn’t be under at this moment. All last week I was watching so much TV that I literally thought something was really wrong with me, like sick wise. I’m always online or listening to music. We have lots of different music channels on our TV’s and I’ve usually got mine on The Pulse or Venus. A birthday cake that my dad went and got Blondie on Friday or Thursday, I don’t remember. It was a nice, moist chocolate cake (I swore it had mint or cinnamon in it too) it was covered in lightly whipped frosting with yellow, green, and a very light-colored orange edge design. I watch WAY too many sweet specials on TV! This was before my sister and I basically tore into it.



I’ve known that my parents were going to go out Saturday, as a chance to escape for a bit. Blondie would be “babysitting” me in a way. Since this has been her birthday weekend, her boyfriend Batman is down for it. She’s been very happy! So has ChiChi too! I was told earlier in the week that my mom was going to get me an iTunes card as a way of my mom being sorry for leaving me at home with the twins. I have so many nicknames for these two I swear! Anyways, I started to think about later on in the week that since I’ve been watching movies a lot lately, that maybe I could talk her into going to the video store instead. Well, I woke up at like 6am and I never went back to sleep like I had hoped after my dad caught me on the laptop just before the sun came up, but before he came in I went through my DVR to find something to watch. I went on the Living Room DVR and I found the best thing ever. My mom found Captain America: The Winter Soldier on our demand! It was AWESOME by the way! Lots of fighting and stunts! Still mad that Hydra is back! Boo to the bad guys!

My mom and dad left the house to go to a bike show. The twins were in the living room and I decided that once they were gone that I was going on the floor. It’s been a while since I’ve scoot into the living room, my mom has trouble getting up off the floor so I usually wait whenever Blondie’s around. Poor girl. Thank god she’s gone back to lifting weights again though! I went into the living room to watch poor Batman get lovings from ChiChi, who might still be in heat. My parents were watching Two And a Half Men just before they left, I thought it was a taped thing. So when I realized that the first Star Trek movie was on I was ecstatic! I haven’t actually watched the first movie all the way through before. I’m in love with the second movie and the story line between Spock and his fallen planet definitely makes sense to me now! I also got WAY too excited when I saw Scotty and Bones. While I was on the floor, my feet were getting SO cold! I forgot to bring my socks with me. I think Batman and I got through half of the movie before I had to go back into my room. I did change the channel number and when i went back into my room, I tried to continue but I couldn’t so I taped it. I finished the film two hours after it originally ended.

Of course, with all this fun of watching films and being around my sister and her boyfriend. I have been doing my usual crap that I do on a daily basis. Go online for a couple of hours, listen to music, watch YouTube videos (which has now become an obsession!) and fight the temptation to fall asleep in the middle of the day. I decided to take a chance on Little Mix again. They may or may not make it to my Tune Tuesday posts sometime next month! I’m taking baby steps to listening to their album, Salute all the way through. I’ve also went on a weird hunt of Brits trying American candy. Oh my gosh, I’ve never enjoyed anything more than seeing their reactions! I was actually telling my mom about Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlog)’s video of trying different sweets from here in the US. I’m pretty sure she thought I was losing my mind as I was telling her about it on our way to the dentist. Something that I thought was interesting was the Jolly Rancher soda he and Zoe tried, here’s a fun fact I didn’t know it was an American thing! I thought it was a UK thing because my friend Stacie, who lives in England was the one who introduced me to it first! I actually saw it a week before Christmas, while we were out shopping, I wanted to take a picture of it and send it to the Facebook for her. I didn’t, so when I saw it again on the video I was very amazed.


I didn’t exactly wake up as early as Saturday morning, but I certainly didn’t sleep in as much as my dad would have liked me to apparently. I woke up to darkness even though it was 10am. The sun was gone and the pain in my lower started to make sense! I’ve been having some weird pain from the middle to lower parts of my back. The only way I can describe it as if I said it feels like if you were to twist a rag like three times to drain water out of it with all of your strength, that’s what I woke up to! I’m happy to say as the day went on, the pain kept fading away. I refuse to take medicine unless it’s like spasms and it wasn’t. Saturday, I saw this ad on Facebook, it was about a live broadcast of Ed Sheeran’s concert as part of VH1’s Storytellers edition. It was on at 7pm EST and I have been really loving “X” album a lot. So I scheduled it to record on my DVR and when I woke up Sunday morning, I couldn’t contain myself anymore. I had to watch it and it was sooo freaking good! I really need to learn the words to these songs I swear! I only know “Don’t” is that bad?

I charged up my iPod in the afternoon, and I usually sit up and listen to music through my Spotify, but not this time. I kept switching back and forth to different music channels. I think my love for pop music might be deflating again. It happens. Sometimes I go on sprees of just listening to the same pop songs over and over again and then after a couple of months, I get annoyed with it and I stop completely. In a way, it might be a good thing because any song that I can’t stand to hear right now, I might like it again later. My mom said a few days ago that one of her residents had the flu. She and dad have been sneezing and coughing for the past week, I’ve been doing it too but not as much she was supposed to be working but called in because it has officially came to our house.

Blondie and Batman went to a basketball game and never quite came back to the house afterwards. They went back to her dorm and slept there, which seems like an odd thing to do considering our house is closer. Batman went back home early this morning and instead of just staying at her dorm for the rest of the day, like maybe she should’ve, she came home and spend the day in her room with probably ChiChi figuring out her new phone. Batman got her the iPhone 6 and she’s not doing well with her autocorrect and I’ve got the text messages to prove it! She might want to be happy that I don’t have a smartphone like everybody else though! By late afternoon, I’d been smelling something that was being deep-fried and I’m not going to lie when I say I was freaking happy! I love anything my dad makes fried! A few months ago, I had a serious craving for Buffalo Chicken wings, and within an hour after discovering the second layer of smells dad comes bringing in a plate full of them covered in ranch just in time for the lifestyle blogger chat on Twitter. I should’ve seen it coming I swear! I didn’t fight it though, they were so good!.

Here is the video that I watched. It’s pretty hilarious! I’m not afraid to say I’ve watched three or four other videos like it.

2 thoughts on “Geeky Weekend

  1. Aha. Love Alfie’s videos. Well, my favourite are Alfie and Zoe together.. but still. I also LOVE going to the American Sweet Shop in Belfast. So many yummies, but they’re so expensive here. 😥


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