Vloggers That I Love #1


I’m getting my feet wet again with creating this little drawing last week on paint. It’s not perfect by any means, but I do think it’s adorable! I just wanted something simple but yet appealing to others, because let’s be honest where do we mostly watch vlogs? On our computers and laptops. I’m still not familiar of a layout of a tablet so that’s why I didn’t draw one. I’ve recently gotten myself into watching different vlogs. It started back in early December. From there it has kind of grew into more and more vlogs that I liked to watch and so I thought I’d go back and forth each month and share a couple of my favorite vloggers. I think I’m only going to focus on two people a month, so I don’t overwhelm myself with different videos. So I hope you enjoy these other vloggers too!

  1. Zoella – I am a new fan of Miss Zoe! I’ve only visited her blog twice, but she’s a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger! She’s had her blog and vlogs since 2009! When I saw that she had written a book about a girl who has another life writing a blog, I thought it was awesome because people still don’t know what to think of both bloggers and vloggers. There are a lot of stereotyping with other non-bloggers but that’s life right! Anyways, every single vlog she’d put up, I’d watch! She’s bubbly and sounds so genuine!  I actually love her vlogs on “MoreZoella” instead of the others. it’s kind of like writing up a lifestyle blog post but the only difference is that you’re actually seeing it for yourself what she’s doing and talking about, so it’s more personal really!
  2. Polka Dots And Cups Of Tea – I thought it would be really special if I featured this post with the Queen of YouTube with a new vlogger to me. Tanya is a new friend of mine. I found her blog by accident, I had just gotten on the 1D bandwagon and somehow I saw her post about taking her daughters to one of their concerts. I read it, followed her on Twitter, and haven’t been the same since! I love talking to her about life and even though she is a mum, she is extremely fun and honest! I recently started watching her vlogs. It’s so nice to know what her voice sounds like! That’s the one thing that being online and writing blog posts doesn’t have, a way to know how they sound like. Anyways, I love watching her vlogs, she goes about her day with and without her kids, does OOTDs and what make up products she uses!

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