Tune Tuesday: Plumb


Week two and it’s all about Plumb.

Tiffany is her real name, but she goes by her stage name Plumb on social media sites. I mostly follow her on Facebook through her fan page that she runs. She is a Hoosier like moi. This woman has been at it for a long time now. I’ve just recently gotten into her music. There was an episode of The Vampire Diaries were they played her song, “Cut” during a sad scene on the show. I always get this song confused with The Civil Wars’ song “Poison & Wine” because both songs were highlights in the scenes, but I have no clue which scene in my head went with her song. All I know is it was played on the show, I loved it, and bought it within a few days after hearing it.

Plumb makes alternative rock, commentary Christian, and electronic music. It’s a strange mix, but nothing new to me. I’ve tried to get into her earlier works, but I haven’t been able to mesh with any other songs. In 2013, she released a new album called, Need You Now and I was obsessed with it! Just before it came out, I had only been following her on FB for a few months. I remember patiently waiting for my Spotify to load up all new tracks of the week her first single, “Need You Now (How Many Times)” and instantly buying it on iTunes a couple of days later. It took me some time to get me into her second single, “Drifting” but I did listen to the whole album. It’s one that’s perfect for a rainy day or when you’re down for no general reason at all. The album inspired a big playlist of mine on my Spotify account. It’s called the “mellow” playlist. It’s got every song from artists that have calm, slow upbeat songs for those low moods. It was made in 2013 and it now has almost 700 songs in it! It’s insane of many songs I’ve managed to put in it!

My favorite Plumb songs are “In My Arms,” “Don’t Deserve You,” “I Want You Here,” and “Chocolate & Ice Cream.” That last one makes me so happy! Such a lovable and dance-y song! She’s one of those musicians that likes to take her time in creating and releasing new music. So who knows when we’ll get new music from her, but she could surprise us in later months.