Guest Post | Carolee Part 1

Music and art have a lot of similarities. They’re both creative outlets, take away your stress after a hard day, and make you very happy! If you’ve read my older posts from say 2011 or 2012, you may remember my Linkin Park drawings I did in 2010. When I got into Linkin Park in mid-2009 I did not think I’d get so deep into the whole rock/metal phase as I did. That year it was my senior year, I had one last art class and I thought I’d go into a mini retirement from my drawing days. So I drew the whole band of LP. I used their music as my inspiration to get me through those days sitting on the cold floor of the art room. They have been a big hit in my family! Anything I basically draw is a hit, but these portraits are my babies!

In 2012, while watching livestream of a LPU chat. I met a girl that I kind of meshed well in the chat. At the end of it, we gave out our Twitter names and we instantly followed each other. At this time, I was still using Tumblr and I remembered her Twitter username at the time was the same as her Tumblr URL. I loved her edits on there of the band! I thought she was a genius! I also thought she was older than me! Nope, she’s the same age as my sister! Carolee is her name. She’s a big LP fan, she loves to draw. I always talk about her to my nana, she really is a genius. When she was in high school, she took physics, chemistry, and calculus. Music and art were our only common areas. I love seeing her new artwork on Facebook! She mostly does anime of characters in The Legend Of Korra. I’ve never watched the show, but she does a great job on these sketches. After thinking about it for months, I finally asked her to collaborate on a blog post with me. This is a two-part edition.

Carolee and I have another common ground as far as genres of music goes. It’s not just rock and metal music, oh heck no! We have to add some EDM and dubstep to it! I used to do these “Top 3 Thursdays” and I asked her to give me three favorite EDM artists that she loves! After she gave her written out post (which I’ll include at the end of next week’s installment!) she talked about maybe including some of her artwork too! She said that she had some that was actually created while listening to two of the artists she picked out! I actually wanted to save those two artists until next week. So that’s why I’m explaining a little bit about my friendship with her and just letting her personality come out in the rest of the post! All I’ve asked from her are her favorite EDM and dubstep artists and why she likes them so much. I hope you enjoy!

When it comes to electronic music, my needs are like the next person’s: I want to hear music that makes me feel like I’m having a good time. However, there’s also another thing I look out for: I’ve always been interested in music that’s different-stuff that really stands out. Something that gets my imagination going or that leaves me feeling like I just woke up after having a really long and weird dream. This is mainly due to the fact that I’m an artist. I like music that gets my brain going. Some people might argue that this is an element hard to find in electronic music, but I don’t believe that’s the case.

I’ve been listening to EDM and dubstep for 5 years now. I’m in no way an expert, but this is a genre that has become second nature to me,  just how rock music has been with me since I was a child. And along the way I’ve discovered some amazing artists.


If you haven’t heard of these two yet, you need to right now. I feel like they are one of the most underrated duos out there on the scene right now.  Some might say it’s not “real EDM”, that it’s “too different”, but that’s actually the best part! These are people who I feel may have started to take the genre in a new direction! Their own direction. You listen to something they make and think ‘wow, I didn’t think about a song being made that way’  but you fall in love so hard anyway. This duo consists of a DJ/drummer and a vocalist. They are fairly new but the music they’ve released lately is incredible in the way it really challenges what this genre should sound like. I feel like there’s a lot of elements in their music that I wasn’t used to hearing, but that now I wish more people used.

  1. I love the vocals on their newest tracks. They add an amazing vibe on the music that you’ll be wanting to experience again and again.
  2. I seriously love how different their stuff is! They like to experiment with different sounds and yet the quality of the music is really high. There’s almost like a cinematic sound when I listen to Koven, like I could be listening to them in the movies. You’ll think “how does everybody not know who they are yet?”
  3. Koven’s music is really good for me to listen to when I need that spark to bring the inspiration flooding. It’s also very meaningful, deep, and feels complete. There’s some electronic music that will feel like more could’ve been done, leaving you feeling incomplete, but that’s not the case with these two and that’s probably why I love their music so much.
*I’ve only used spell check to fix my parts, Carolee’s words are her own.

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