Tune Tuesday: Jennifer Lopez


Now that we’ve started a new year, I’ve thought about bringing back this edition of my normal “Tune Tuesday” schedule. I have no clue how long it’ll last, so just bare with me for the next couple of weeks. I might go back and forth between these type of posts and my music reviews. I just hope I don’t confuse anyone in the process!

This week it’s all about Jennifer Lopez.

I am actually a massive fan of J.Lo and have been for years! My mom is the one in our house that started it all and influenced the most of my music preferences. Before there were iPods and buying singles online. We had to buy the entire album because we liked a song that played on the radio. My mom was pretty obsessed with “Waiting For The Night” back in the day. I don’t necessarily remember when I started liking the song, but I do know it took me several years to be able to listen to the whole CD and figure out other songs I liked on it. I also remember the time I bought her album, “J.Lo” from the nearby library during a yard sale they were having down in the basement. I couldn’t go down there, so my mom brought me up some CDs that I might’ve liked. This was one of two she found. She also found 50 Cent’s “Get Rich or Die Tryin” too. Guess which one was uncensored though?

This album was the one that got me really interested in her music. At this time, I think I was watching the movies she was in more than listening to her music and paying attention to who she was engaged or married to. Every year and every single she’d put out, I’d be right there waiting for something else to make want to dance. I love listening to music in different languages, even though Spanish isn’t that different, back in the day it was for me. I had never heard it as much as I did in her music. I still can’t understand half of what she says in her songs, but she started that trend for me. My favorite album is actually “Rebirth” and I remember getting it for Christmas. It’s the one album that I can listen to all the way through without skipping over to the next song. However, the CD does this anyways as it messes up on two of my favorite tracks. When I found out that she had released a new album this past year, I was kind of surprised but happy. I gave myself four hours of listening to it – it was bliss! Two days before NYE I found out by watching a commercial on TV that there was going to be a special HBO on her and her first world tour called “Dance Again” and I had to see it! After my DVR not recording it–twice–it finally worked and I love it!

I think there a few people out there who are a bit over of all these songs of Jennifer and Pitbull, but I feel like the more they do together, they get better! There’s a certain vibe that a good song can give you. These two are amazing together and make awesome dance songs! A couple of my favorite features in her songs are Ludacris in “Do It Well” remix and I think I found it on accident, I was listening to the original song and forgot to change it on my Spotify and it switched to this version and I haven’t been the same since. The next is Fabolous in “Get Right” remix, but only in the music video remix. Don’t ask me why because I have no idea either. Since we’re talking about favorites, here a couple of my favorite songs too! I am in love with “Let’s Get Loud,” “Ain’t It Funny,” “I’m Glad,” “Whatever You Want,” “What Is (Love),” and “On The Floor.” I’ve decided to end this with two favorite music videos. One of which she is the featured artist of the song. Enjoy!


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