A Rare Day With A Movie

09fd0b952bd236b2e64c466404556eeaI like how I was just talking about how my mom shortened our movie package recently and DISH decided to give us a free movie weekend. Of course, not everybody was as happy as I was. On Friday, I discovered that DISH had decided to take off two of our local channels. According to my parents, it’s playoff season so my dad is kind of freaking out at the moment. Since I don’t watch football or any other sport events unless I’m at my grandparents house. I was very excited for the additional choices on my guide. It’s the little things in life that make you happy.

Normally, you have to hold me down to get me to watch a movie all the way through. I honestly hate to take off days from blogging and social media. I could just listen to music 24/7 and that wouldn’t bother me one bit. I do love my movies though. I’m usually the type that finds a movie and records it (Mom was right, the DVR would become my best friend!) I’m an action and comedy type. I can watch drama and chick flicks but I’m not obsessed with them as I used to. I’ve already watched Divergent and I’ve got The Other Woman on my DVR.

I love movie trailers. They are the sneak peaks of movies that you should/want to see once it comes out. I always say I’ll watch it once it comes out on DVD, but of course I tend to forget about them too. Well, Philomena was one of these movies. I loved the trailer for it and I remembered when Judi won an award for her role as the main character. The movie came out in 2013. It’s now 2015 people! Apparently I still have quite a few movies that I still need to see! I was super happy to find it on Showtime. I had originally wanted to record it, but I also wanted to lay down on my bed for a bit too. I wouldn’t have to wait long either since it has started at 3:30pm. I shut off everything and decided to spent an hour watching the film. It was one of the rare days, I had even watched an hour Ellie Goulding concert on YouTube two hours earlier. I must be getting sick or something!

I feel like my nana, she hardly listens to any “new” music if we give her anything to listen to. I feel as though I’m that way with movies now. I feel like I’ve seen almost every storyline and concept that I’m tired of the repeated process. In other words, I’ve become quite a critic lately. It is extremely rare for me to find a movie trailer that I say “I want to see that movie” and after I’ve actually seen it go, “I loved it!” Well, this is exactly how this one went for me. I’ve never heard or read the story of Philomena Lee and the search of her long-lost son. I hadn’t been in 30 minutes before I started bawling my eyes out. It was a good cry though. Besides all the crying, I did get a good laugh and it did have great messages as far as having faith and hope. It was a heartwarming story of friendship, but also kind of bittersweet towards the end of the film too. I definitely recommend to anyone that is looking a movie to watch, but bring tissues! Lots of them!

One thought on “A Rare Day With A Movie

  1. I’ve not heard of this movie! But it looks good. I can spend hours watching trailers on Youtube. I love it. Though I feel like some trailers feel like you’ve watched the whole movie! I always forget which I want to watch too until I come across them by chance again. I really start saving them in a playlist on Youtube! 🙂

    Sara Bloo xo


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