Picture It & Write: Double Take

Hello, I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a Picture It & Write post. I’ve missed it too! I hope you like this little story I’ve written for this prompt!

- by HelloLanaya
– by HelloLanaya

A little old lady, sat on her red Victorian pattern chair, a family heirloom that was given to her after her great-aunt died.
She sat with eyes fixed on a picture that her grandson Joe had given her to see how well his modeling days were going.
She was so proud to see her grandson happy about something, but missed him dearly everytime he left for a long period of time.
Joe was her only support she had left, Joe’s parents had died years ago when he was just a baby.
She always took care of him, but never kept him away from anything he wanted to do.
She had a hard time pulling herself away from the grandmother role.
“Do you like it grandma?” Joe said to her as he walked over the couch, with a tray of her favorite tea and mug.
“Of course I do! Why wouldn’t I like it?” She said, she did love the picture but she found something kind of odd about it too.
“Son, can you do me a favor? Could you grab that red velvet box there on the China cabinet please?” She spoke and Joe shot up from his seat to grab the brightly red box.
It was a small but very beautifully decorated in the same Victorian pattern of her favorite chair–another family heirloom.
The box was overwhelming full of pictures, some that were fading, black and white and in color.
It was a box of memories for the old lady.
After she opened the box, she slowly started to take each photo out one-by-one, she didn’t say a word about any of them.
It wasn’t like she hadn’t kept them away from Joe, however there was one photo down at the bottom that needed to be talked about for the first time ever.
She found the picture she was hunting for and pulled out, grabbed Joe’s modeling picture and put them side-by-side they were almost identical.
They were shocked!
“Grandma, who is this man?” Joe said, who was now trying to put the other pictures nicely back in the box.
“This, son, is your father. Charles.” She said back and hands him the pictures.


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