Blogs That I Love #17


I’ve finally made myself a damn Bloglovin account. It has been a frustrating time to keep with my ever-growing amount of blog links on both my blog roll and on my Twitter. I like to go on following sprees on Twitter for new blogs. My normal way was getting me by, but as I kept “favoriting” different posts and links on Twitter to make sure to visit their sites, I would always be late with RTing the link! I’ve heard a lot of different things about Bloglovin, mostly good. Everybody said that it was easier to deal with as you can follow as many blogs as you want as long as they’re on the site itself. I’ve had it for two weeks. It is a lot easier to work, once you figure things out. I’ve found a lot more blogs and busy reading my favorite blogs too. This is a list of blogs I’ve been able to read with some ease now. If you’re not following these blogs I suggest you do so! A little bit of a warning, when you make a Bloglovin account, that “saving” button becomes your best friend.

  • Zoe London – I put Zoe first because I think she is an awesome woman! I’ve been following her on Twitter for a while, but only been reading her blog posts and watching her vlogs for like two months. She’s a London-based blogger, that talks about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, etc. I consider this pretty blue/lime haired lady one of the bigger bloggers. I try not to rate bloggers but if content is out of this world than sometimes it kind of happens on accident. I love how she’s very honest with her posts and she has an amazing fashion sense too!
  • Hello Miss Jordan – I found Miss Jordan during a blog chat, I had posted a Disney tag and she was one of two Disney addicts I found that day. She is another  UK and likes to talk about beauty, lifestyle, food, travel and anything Disney on her blog. I think the first post of hers I read was food related, her pictures were insane! My stomach didn’t want to stop growling even after I stopped reading! She also hosts a blogger chat on Twitter. It’s called #crazybloggers and it starts at 7pm GMT (2pm EST) and it’s blog chat that I love to be apart of because we’re allowed to be as free with our thoughts as we want, just no drama!
  • Jasmine Catches Butterflies – Jadirah is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger all the way from Pakistan. I just absolutely adore her! She is so sweet and a hardcore Backstreet Boys fan. We literally spent a whole blog chat talking about BSB, is that bad? I am happy that I made a Bloglovin account, so I can keep up with her posts more than I’ve been! She recently nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award, but I’ve already been nominated for it. I felt very blessed that she had done that and it starts out my new year on a high note! To repay her I thought I’d include her in this post!
  • See Me No CP – Michelle is a new blogger to the scene, but she’s rising high and fast! In school you kind of have different cliques that you always hung out in from day in to day out. Well, luckily for me I was never in just one group. I was in so many that I lost count after I finished my last year. I had so many because I could mesh with different types of people, but it was so difficult to get me to be more involved in the disabled community. Out of the three boys, I was the only girl. So I learned early on to be my own person but still think of the four of us as a whole. Anyways, I never had a girlfriend that was in a wheelchair like me. In recent years, I’ve been trying to create friendships with women and girls with disabilities. That’s why I absolutely LOVE talking to both Michelle and Sara from Bloo ‘n’ Stuff. However, back to the blogging part of this whole post. Michelle is a lifestyle blogger. She wants to create a more aware environment to her readers. She’s another blogger that has nominated me for The Versatile Blogger award and like above, I’m not doing it but I thought I’d return the favor like this.


4 thoughts on “Blogs That I Love #17

  1. Aww thank you for the mention Meghan!, it still baffles me that people like reading what I write but it means the world too me. I’m so glad I started blogging mainly because it means I’ve got to meet amazing people like yourself and Sara 🙂 x

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  2. I’m the same as you. I always had a lot of friends, but never really proper close disabled friends. I had acquaintances, but nothing on a deeper level. I didn’t realise what I was missing out on until I started blogging and started meeting people through it! It’s been awesome getting to know you guys. 🙂


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