15 Things For 2015


It’s the first full week of 2015. Schools should be back in session and here I am thinking about things I want to accomplish in the new year. Other bloggers are sharing their fifteen things to do in 2015, so I thought I should too. Of course, I can’t be like the rest I have to do mine in another way. In my first post of the new year, I talked about wanting to have more adventures and keep working on myself. So I’m splitting this list up in two group of ten things. Hopefully this won’t overwhelm my brain with too much. Last year when I created a whole list of books to read, I only managed to read one or two books off that list. I’m hoping to actually scratch a few things off of each list this time around. So wish me luck!

5 Things Off My Bucket List:

Some of these are more realistic than others, like the doing more DIY project. I learned to do a lot of things that I could do with my feet, and I’d like to find some DIY crafts that I wouldn’t have to ask my nana or mom for help. I would LOVE to go to HogRock this year. It’s another bike rally, but bigger and apparently crazier than Plummer. Dad’s already we’re going to Plummer. We should not had been taking about bikes or the rallies this early in the year. I’d like go seeĀ Avengers: Age Of UltronĀ at a midnight screening. That would make me very happy! I’d also love to go my first Blogger Meet up, hoping it’s close enough where traveling wouldn’t be that difficult to do. Lastly, I’d love to go attend a cooking class! It just sounds like fun idea to do!

10 Things To Work On:

I have a LOT of insecurities that I still need to work on. It’s normal to have both good and bad days. Going through and figuring these ten things was easier than up top. I can come up with a lot of scenarios in my head. This is what I do and been doing since I was a kid, I feel like my imagination isn’t as good as it once was. Even though I still have some pretty wild dreams at night, it’s not as crazy like I used to. I want to be able to trust myself, not just my heart to lead me in the right place but also my body. Since my mom and I like to do transferring from one place to another, I would like to trust my body to know what to do next. I’m not saying brace itself, I’m saying even if I haven’t done it a lot but take a couple of steps to help my mom so she doesn’t have to stress herself out a lot. I am the worst about being a damn perfectionist, especially during these DIY projects. I need to remember to breathe slowly and walk way, or in my case “roll” away from things I may not want to do. It worked last year, it might work again. Don’t go looking for love. Always accept things for what they are, trust me after you’ve accepted this, life really does get easier.

I need to remember that when I am down about anything big or small that I have three (well technically four) Pinterest boards full of different quotes that I can look at and build me up. I’m also thinking about redoing the quotes on the back of my door, using normal white paper and bright/dark colors so I can see the words clearly. Less lyrics this around too. Even though, there are two that should stay up there. Anyways, moving on. I want to be more optimistic, thankfully this has been another one that’s worked wonders for me over the past year. When I say the words, “be optimistic Megz” I instantly feel something taking over me, like weight lifting off my shoulders. And finally, after mom having to remind me while we were out shopping last month, I need to stop apologizing. I am REALLY, really bad at this one. I apologize for the stupid things too.

What are you planning on doing in 2015?