Top 4 Movies | Best Of 2014


I’m a crazy person, I really am! I forgot to do a favorite movies posts as part of my “Best Of” posts. Forgive me though when I say movies and books weren’t as big of a hit this year as I thought they would be. There were so many movies I actually wanted to see, but haven’t been able to! Since my mom decided to shorten the movie package, my dad and I haven’t been watching as many movies as we’d like, but I mean we have recorded Dallas Buyers Club and 12 Years A Slave that were up for Oscars this past year. I know they came out in late 2013, but do they still count? I’ve only been able to watch DBC and that still took a lot out of me to watch it. Dad did record I, Frankenstein and that one was pretty good. I still need to finish it, but really good otherwise!

The movies above are just a few of my favorites. They’re almost in the order except for the middle ones, they need to be switched around. All four movies I’ve actually looked forward to seeing throughout the year and then turned into favorites after finally seeing them. My dad watched The Legend Of Hercules before I did. It premiered just before mom got the package shortened. I thought the trailer for it was pretty corny, everything looked too CGI’d and that was another reason why I didn’t want to watch Pompeii either. I’m a HUGE history buff on both Pompeii and Greek mythology. I’ll be honest, yes the only reason I watched it was because of Kellan Lutz. There I said it. Here’s one better. I only watched That Awkward Moment for Zac Efron. Technically, my sister and I were supposed to see it in theaters and after I recorded it on my DVR, but plans changed and I watched it without her. I’m pretty sure she’s still got that text message that I sent to her at midnight saying, “Zac Efron needed to be more naked.” And he did.

I haven’t been back at the movie theaters since maybe 2012. That’s just a rough guess too. I don’t even remember the last movie I’ve seen in the theaters either. However, one day in July my sister decided to take me out on a girl’s day while our parents went on a last minute mini bike rally. Since it was in town and that it was going to be too cold, I didn’t need to go with them. So Blondie took me out to the movies and we saw Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it wasn’t my first choice. I actually wanted to see Guardians Of The Galaxy instead. She had seen it though I think, so we saw this movie instead and I had forgotten the surround sound that only a movie theater can give you. It was AWESOME! I’m glad that Michael Bay brought back one of my favorite actresses, Megan Fox in his films. I was surprised that TMNT didn’t become a thing for me afterwards. Blondie said to me towards the end of it, “if that mouse dies, I’m going to cry.” I couldn’t help but laugh after she said that.

Lastly, one out of two movies with Shailene Woodley in it, Divergent just might be the last 2014 movie I’ll be seeing this year. I taped it over the weekend, I have been going through my guide daily now, searching for anything new. Of course now that Christmas is over, all of my favorite Christmas movies come out. I’ve been very excited for this movie. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack, score, and my love for Ellie Goulding might’ve gotten a little bit bigger before and after I watched it. I’ve never read the books. I’m still trying to get through The Fault In Our Stars by John Green, before I go ahead and watch the movie of it too. So not knowing ANYTHING about the books at all was nice. These post-apocalyptic world movies have been a little annoying lately, but I actually did love this one! In every movie you watch, you feel like there should be some changes here and there. Since I didn’t read the books, I can’t compare storylines, but I didn’t want to change anything about this movie. I loved it so much! I’ve already seen the trailer for the new one. I can’t wait to see that one too!

There are still quite a few more movies that came out this year that I still want to see. I had goals of seeing either Captain America: The Winter Soldier or X-Men: Days Of Future Past in theaters at the midnight premiere, but mom said no to both. And she wonders why I said that one will never go off my bucket list easily. Last night, after watching the Insurgent movie trailer, I decided to watched a few of the new movie coming out in 2015. Only three movies really made me want to see them. They are Woman In Gold, Still Alice, and The Longest Ride. All three of them could easily make me cry. I had a hard time keeping myself contained throughout watching each one. Of course I can’t forget about Fast & Furious 7 it doesn’t matter if they keep Brian O’Connor in the series or not, I’m still a big fan of the movies. Paul Walker would want us all FF fans there supporting the rest of the cast and crew. There was one movie that made me feel weird about, it’s called The Walk and it stars Joseph Gordon-Leavitt in it and the trailer has him standing on just a ledge on a very tall building, then the camera goes down the building at a fast pace. It’s going to be released in 3D, somebody going to have an anxiety attack or go into a cardiac arrest with those glasses on!

 What movies were you watching in 2014? 


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