Life Lately | Traditions Never Fade


The only downside about getting a lot of ideas, getting them written out, and then scheduling them to different days of the week, is that you become very lazy and sometimes getting more ideas after that is difficult to come by. This is what I’ve been dealing with for almost two weeks now. The “Fast Friends” post was one of the posts I did later on in the week, but one of the last ideas I had floating around. Now I’m empty.

I loved doing one of these “Life Lately” posts the last time I was in a rut, so I thought I’d do another to hopeful get myself back on track. You see, I have tons of ideas after Christmas is over. I mean, I got all my New Year’s stuff that I could be working on right now, but I feel like I’m getting too ahead of myself and I’ll really be in a rut on what to do for that whole week of December. I can’t necessarily do any Christmas posts at the moment. Even though, I do know what I’m kind of getting from my mom and dad for Christmas, except for one thing. Yesterday, we went to the mall. It was more like a game of hide-and-seek because we kept losing Blondie. She wasn’t in the mood to stay with mom and I. Poor dad thought the entire place was too crowded for him so he kept to himself for most of the day. I’ve got to say though, I am pretty proud of myself. I told my mom about an idea that my nana and I had finally decided on, well it was my idea but she agreed on it. That was the first thing I did and was probably the cheapest thing(s) I bought throughout the whole day.

My birthday was in early November, I still had birthday money, most of it actually. So I got to spend it on myself and got to clear my conscience a bit too, I thought it was going to be like last year. My nana and I waiting until last minute to do our last DIY project of the year. It’s becoming a bit of a tradition for me to do something homemade and give it to my family members. I promised to myself I’d keep up the tradition, I’m not breaking it now. Since my parents kind of know what is going on, I think I’ll make theirs as my example for the DIY post for you guys. Anyways, there are some clothes that I know I got and can’t have them for 12 days. I did get three shirts that I was really hoping to wear before Christmas since I bought them, but my mom told me a couple of hours later after we got home that she will pay me the money back I spent on them if I wait for them. Considering we’re going shopping again sometime this week, I’ll take the money and shut up!

I swear though, I think everybody and their grandmother (literally! I saw quite a few old women in wheelchairs there!) was there at the mall. We could hardly get through Hot Topic because it was so damn crowded. Going to the mall on a Saturday with 13 days until Christmas is a bad idea. I think the only good thing we did enjoy was the fact we all got to have Chinese food. Who knew Honey Glazed chicken was as good as it was in your dreams. There are some things I’ve never done at the mall, one of those things is go into the restrooms there. I know that’s weird, but restrooms and dressing rooms are a wheelchair users enemy. I got into the bathroom there and we realized they had a wheelchair restroom at the corner. I loved seeing all these kids around, while I was out by the entrance way to HT, there was a little girl in her stroller and her mom walking in front of me and we locked eyes, I have to say “hello” and wave with my foot at them to see their reactions. Her mom said as they were past me that she was waving inside of her blanket. Too adorable!!

Sometime this week, we’re supposed to be going back out shopping. I have a couple more things to get for the project and then I’ll be done. We’ve also got to do our traditional Christmas cookies sometime this week too. Last year, we did them twice. Once at our house and the other at my nana’s. This year I’m using a table so my back doesn’t feel like it’s going to break in two. We also have to put our big Christmas tree in our house. I’m kind of planning on doing a blog post about both of those things, but explaining the meaning for some of our ornaments on our tree that we’ve had for over 23 years! Oh, my little tree has some decorative additions to it. I had my mom put some of my beaded necklaces I got from Plummer and such to wrap around the tree. It’s so cute! Everytime my mom comes home to work she plugs it into the socket to turn on the lights. It makes me happy and kind of festive! I won’t be as festive until I get pricked by the tree branches when we put it together. Now that’s a tradition that started on accident and somehow it happens every year.

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