Fast Friends

Chance and Casey. RIP ♥

I’ve been thinking a lot what I kind of discussed in the Little Apple Tree post I did two weeks ago. I mentioned inside the post that I have struggled with opening up to new people. I used to extremely shy. It would literally take me a good four or five days to get me to open up in school with both the teachers and students. Being someone in an electric wheelchair and having an aide in the classroom, not only keeping an eye out for you but the rest of the class as well.

There were only a handful of times we I remember different people becoming friends with me pretty quickly. My friend Haley is at the top of my list. She was the first to really accept me for who I am at even a young age. It was in Kindergarten. Our first day I think, my mom recently told me that at the beginning the children were sat down and told about kids can be different from themselves, they could have special abilities. Whether or not, those last two words were sad exactly is unsure. They are what I would say to small little children if I was explaining a physical or mental disability. Anyway, I wasn’t present or who knows I could have been, but I just don’t remember it. I don’t really remember this day as good as I probably should anymore, but we always talk about it so somebody remembers it. Our teachers gave us papers to color or something, I guess I put my feet up on the table and began to color in the drawing. Well, this was the start of everything. The friendship and why can’t stop admiring my ability to use my feet to do things.

The second happened while my family and our close friends at the time were making small rounds to different areas, to help bring awareness to the auction that would hep benefit my family and I from coming and going to Shriner’s hospital when I had my back surgeries. Our church had offered to do the auction, so our neighbor took my mom, nana and I to different places in the county to talk about the auction and what I had wrong with my back and such. We even went to a Christian radio station once. The announcer asked if I had a song request, nobody had explained to me that they didn’t play pop music on this station. So I automatically said “Backstreet Boys” and basically everybody freaked out on me. It could’ve been worse, I could have said Prince. Another thing we got to do was go to different churches. We went to one and the Sunday school kids were either practicing for something, but they say a few songs to us. There was one girl who was very friendly with me. I had her face pressed into my memory. but names were never my thing to remember back then.

Several years, I think it was the middle of my sophomore year. There was this girl who came into our class. That same face was right in front of me, but it had been years since I’ve seen her that it took me a long time, probably three months before everything registered and it was the same girl. I used to get confused with one of my cousins on my dad’s side of the family. They have the same eyes I swear!! Her name was Katessa and that’s probably the reason why I had a hard time remembering her name too, because it was uniquely spelled! When she started to coming to my school, she was still incredibly nice to me and I have tried to keep in contact with her, but unfortunately life rolls on. She’s now a mommy though, so that makes me very happy for her! In that same year, I started biology. I wasn’t looking forward to it, but thankfully it wasn’t only a one semester type of class for me. Literally, from the first day this very tall girl came walking into class. I had never seen or talk to her, but I swear she took one look at me and smiled at me.

Technically, there were two girls in that class that sparked a long-lasting friendship with me. The girl I just talked about sat in the far back of my row. Whenever I had aide issues, she would always help me get my desk and everything out and ready for me, because the damn teacher wasn’t going to do it. I remembered asking her to help me and calling her “Katelyn” before this I hadn’t heard anyone say her name, what was worse our own teacher would muck up her name too!! Her real name is Kaylyn, it is easily confused with that other name. The other girl in our class was Erin. She sat right next to me in the next row. She was just adorable with her quirky personality and gentle heart. She was also a cheerleader in school too. When my sister was cheering in high school, she and Erin became fast friends too. She was so helpful and always brought a smile on my face in that class and other times too. I’m proud to say I’m still good friends with both girls.

To finally end this post, I’ll explain a little bit about the picture above and why I chose to include it. This picture was taken in 2003. When my family and I went to our trip to Florida, our animals were shift to different places. Three of which went to the same place but different rooms. My papaw might be allergic to cats. I say “might” because hardly anybody believes it but my nana. So Oliver had to sat out in our grandparent’s garage. My sister had her first hamster at this time, Sonic was his name. She called basically every night to check up on him. He was placed in the living room, high up enough that Chance and Casey couldn’t get to him. Chance was our dog. She was a pit bull. She was one of the sweetest dogs ever, the completely opposite of what everybody thinks of the breed. Casey was our grandparent’s dog, she was mutt. What was supposed to be a terrier type of dog according to the vet, weighing out under 100 lbs. Turned into a 200 lbs gentle beast. This trip was the first time these two were around each other. They became best friends, as Casey knew how to bark at people and Chance came home afterwards barking at everyone who knocked on the door.

Chance died a few months after we first got ChiChi, she died of a brain tumor in 2008. And we still don’t know what was wrong with Casey, but she was fairly old though when she died in 2012. It was a very day for my grandparent’s because they had had her since was just a puppy. I think my papaw took it the hardest. We all have our moments of mourning. I have at nights were I’ve just started crying because I missed Chance. I miss both of them every day. We all feel bad for my dad though, he’s the one who goes and be there with them when they got put down. I’m sorry about that buzz kill, I just thought you’d like to know the inspiration of the post as a whole.


2 thoughts on “Fast Friends

  1. pam

    I will never forget the day you and Haley met…you have amazed me since the first time I met you…you will always be just like a daughter to me…you will always be a part a big part of our lives…love you baby


  2. pam

    Haley’s exact words were….well would you look at that…she made me so proud that day cause kids can be cruel and with those 6 little words I knew I had raised a child that would never discriminate against anyone or anything…I should thank you my dear for all the joy and love you have given us


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