Lost In Paradise


It’s been a gloomy week. Our weather has been very bipolar as we get one day were it’s sunny with blue skies, of course the temperature isn’t perfect, but at least the sun is out. Makes things cheerful and everyone is usually optimistic. However, days like today for example is a rainy, cold, and miserable to get out kind of day. As much as I love my sunny days, leave it to these gloomy days were I feel like I could blog all day long. It’s strange how that works out honestly!

Where I’m in a blogging mood, somebody else close to me isn’t very happy about how this week has turned out to be. My nana had a little accident earlier in the week with mixing her tea and keyboard of her laptop together. She called to have somebody look at it and try to fix it, but after having I don’t know how many people tell her that who knows if somebody would look at it and figure out how to get the tea out, she’s getting a new one that won’t be in for a few more days. She’s been going crazy in a nutshell. It’s kind of strange that here i am talking about spilling liquid on a laptop and it’s my own grandmother. Something that you may not know though is that everything about her in the recent years has been controlled by technology and being online. She does these very amazing edits of her favorite: Adam Lambert. As much as we all make fun of her about her obsession with him and anything that’s related to him. She has really devoted herself into her edits and updating her Facebook groups of different subjects. She’s been happy, whereas before she wasn’t because as she continues to age, her body began to fail her.

I’ve been trying to sympathize with her as I don’t know if something like that would happen to my laptop, quite frankly I don’t even want to think about it. The last time we didn’t have internet for a long period of time was back in 2005, practically the whole summer of that year was spent in boredom. That is, until I found a very fun software program and that’s all I did for that summer was play with it because it didn’t require the internet to work. That was several years ago, I am not very good with two days without my internet. I’m starting to understand why my nana likes to compare the two of us because in a way, we are similar. We both can’t go out when we want to and go places. Somebody has to take us and that puts us in a rut because we have to ask, it makes us feel like children. Since we both got our laptops, the internet has taken over all things she used to have time for, like writing letters, reading books, and spending time with real people. Once she got her laptop though, she devoted her time to typing. So gripping things were basically put on the back burner. She can hardly write long letters or sew things anymore because she has lost feelings in the tips of her fingers.

The reason why I’ve chosen to discuss this, because nothing really made sense until I read a fellow blogger Scarphelia’s post about How Not To Completely Lose Your Shit As An Online Creator. The blog post was very much an eye opener for me. I’ve been trying to pull her back from always going to her laptop, hell even she’s tried but nothing’s been able to be effective. She wants to continue to help and create her edits, but she doesn’t know how to control herself when something doesn’t go her way. So if the internet goes off for a few hours she’s left not knowing what to do with herself. Once that settles in, she gets VERY angry with everything and everyone. If I don’t have internet, I’ve been trying to “pamper” myself and enjoy the fact that I’m unplugged from the online world I’ve grown to love. I read a book, color in my coloring book, watch movies, listen to music, and since I’ve saved prompts for stories and future blog posts I could try to create something by using Microsoft Word. I have all these things and my nana only has about a handful of things to do. I’m not trying to make excuses for her nor myself, because I know on several occasions I have had a look of boredom on my face, and my poor dad is the one usually staring right back at it too.

When you’ve dedicated yourself to something that requires the internet, that day everything is shut down and you have nothing to bring you back online. It is a scary thing. For a lot of people, if the internet is down on their computer. They’ve got their phones to update their social media sites. They are allowed to continue to use their stuff. While I was trying to slowly pull my nana away from her online life, something just happened to pull it all out from under her feet all at once. Whether or not keeping her cup so closely to her laptop was the smartest idea is another thing. I’m going to have one hell of a chat with her tomorrow, majority of it will be her complaining she’s had nothing to do or talk to, even though she’s got my papaw who would probably love to talk to her if she doesn’t bring up Adam Lambert. I’m taking Katie’s advice and separating myself and hopefully going to get my nana on the right track too from our online lives. We’ve got something planned to keep the both of us busy while I’m there, we’re going to go through old photo albums together. It’ll be a nice way to unplug ourselves from some place we’ve been spending too much doing.


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