Tune Tuesday: Backstreet’s Back!

Over the weekend, I joined in the ever popular #lbloggers chat. One of my favorites Jasmin Charlotte hosted it and the topic was about “favorite things” and I had opened with I was listening to Backstreet Boys and they were getting me in a good mood, I was hoping the chat would top me off! From pressing the “tweet” button, I got four favorites and my new friend fellow blogger Jadirah and I started to have our own little chat about our favorite BSB songs and music videos. I had to leave early because my mom came in with my lunch and I was worried I wouldn’t make back in time and everybody would stop chatting with one another. I got back just in time though and I got to finish the chat. The chat as a whole was great, but I made a new friend while we fangirled about Backstreet Boys.

We both had some agreements on what songs we definitely liked the most, but of course all of the old singles are the best. Over the years, I have actually tried to listen to the rest of the albums because I’ve never been one to like a whole album, especially a pop, boy band album. After the chat ended, a normal person would just stop listening to them. I’m not normal and I might as well not try to become one now. I ended up listening to both “Black & Blue” which just had a birthday I think last week and “Millenium.” I have the first two albums, I’m STILL surprised they play after all these years honestly! Especially that first album, it’s the oldest one in my big CD case. I take extra care in my BSB CDs. The day it breaks on me, I’ll probably cry all over myself. Before I got my new iPod last winter, I had “Black & Blue” on my old iPod because I borrowed CDs from the library and when I switched over I lost that album and the rest, but I have 2 albums that I know for sure. I’ve just haven’t been in a mood for them in months! I know, it’s so sad! Out of all the weeks for me to want to listen to them though, it’s the week I’m devoted for One Direction. It was just a boy band kind of week, because at the end of the whole week. Nick Jonas joined the party and I don’t regret a single thing.

We established that we both are addicted to “The Call” and “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)” and you have to! They were the first songs that opened the albums. Once she put “The Call” I had to switch my freaking Spotify onto that album and I just lost it. I think I even squealed like a little girl. Our second favorites are “All I Have To Give” and “As Long As You Love Me” both songs are amazing! Both can definitely make me cry on a sad/bad day. My third favorite is “Bigger” though. I also love the music video for it too. Jadirah likes the “Everybody” video because of the Halloween theme. That video used to scare the crap out of me as a kid!  Our second favorites as far music videos go, we both agreed “Quit Playing Games With My Heart” and the fact I took a Facebook quiz a while back about what BSB song was written for you? Or something like that. That was my answer and they played the music video.

She hasn’t listened to the album that came out last year, but then again neither have I. I’ve been too distracted, but I gotta say I wasn’t too distracted to watch their music video for “Show ‘Em (What You’re Made Of)” the day it came out. Brian Littrell is shirtless, how can you ignore that? I definitely couldn’t. I swear the man is a damn vampire, he never ages and I’m perfectly fine with that. What are your favorite Backstreet Boys songs and music video?

and just for fun…

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