Picture It & Write: Here With Me


“Come with me.” He said, gently but urgent tone of voice.
As he gripped my hand tightly, I tagged close to him, following the trail up the hills overlooking the beautiful mountains.
“Where we going?” I said to him.
No answer from him, but we keep walking straight into the depths of the woods.
Breaking leaves and sticks on the ground and seeing the camouflaged animals watching me and him walk away from them, as they eat the berries and bugs.
My feet are starting to hurt, the temperature is starting to drop as we continue to walk up towards the mountains, my legs and thighs have goosebumps.
“Are we there yet?” I said finally, we stop.
I groan and relax my legs for a second, but as my muscles get relaxed, we go back to walking a little more.
It never ends.
His hand holds mine lightly now, but its clammy.
“We’re here.” He said as he stops suddenly and I crash into his back.
He turns around at the slam, and begins to smile at me.
“Where are we exactly?” I say as I look at our surroundings, so massive and beautiful.
“It’s our heaven.” He said and he grips my face and kisses me gently.


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