Tune Tuesday: A Little Change


I’ve decided change up my Tune Tuesday posts. As much as I love talking about women in the music industry, I learned that it’s much more difficult to talk about as I wasn’t talking about rock/metal female singers anymore. I honestly lost my love for it. I kind of figured this would happen because I didn’t take a break from going to one theme to jumping into another right away. I burned out quicker than I thought I would. I would necessarily want to quick the entire Tune Tuesday theme but I like I’ll be leaving for the rest of “Femme Fatales” edition until the new year. As for the next two months, I’ve decided to be spontonaous with my posts. Only choosing artists/bands I think I need to be talking about at that moment. Kind of like I started out doing over the summer. I also might be exchanging a whole TT post with a music video instead. I really liked doing those too. So I hope you understand the change and love the new tracks!

I’m known for finding tracks in the middle. Sometimes I can like it within the first minute or it can take me a few months to find it good enough to put it on my Starred list on my Spotify. I find all of my music on there. I’m even gone as far as to following quite a few different playlists like Evening Chill and Indie Electronica. There’s an artist that I really think everybody should check out is Phildel. She is singer based out of London. She has a beautiful voice and her music is very airy but meaningful. I recently bought her song, “Beside You” and it took me probably a week to figure the lyrics on my own. I finally got a chance to listen to her album “The Disappearence Of A Girl” and it is really, really good! On the playlist I’ve decided to share has three of her songs, including “Beside You” too! I have other favorites you’ve heard me talking about lately, Ed Sheeran and Zella Day.

Some of these tracks you might here them on your radio stations but there are some were you might not have heard of yet. There’s Sam Smith’s song, “Stay With Me” on here. I remember telling everybody that I was around whenever this song played on the radio that I just don’t like his voice and therefore hated the song too. Well, the other day I was in the car with my mom and I actually caught myself singing along with it. I still don’t like his voice though. You might’ve heard “Young Blood” by Bea Miller. I knew I’d like that song, sometimes album covers can affect me like a book cover would normally do. I kept seeing her EP cover on my Facebook and I just saw the innocence of her and then one day, her song popped on the radio and boy, you should have seen my face when I found out she was still a teenager! I also have a Tove Lo and LIGHTS song on the playlist too and I’m not a big fan of either of them. I like to pick and choose different songs. I really hope you like these songs! It took me (for some) only a minute to get them on my possibly next iTunes card list and you know they’re on my good side when they’re on THAT list.