So I Tried To Play Pool….


It’s a Monday, it’s been a dull one but not as bad as I figured it be honestly. I am getting to the point where I’m actually liking my weekends again. Since we hardly ever get together at my nana’s anymore (except for this past Saturday of course!) but I usually spend my weekends at home. Over the summer, I would go with my dad to the barn at our neighbor’s house and then several weeks ago, we started going over to another neighbor’s house, they have a garage. They usually grill out and watch the football game or NASCAR race. Sometimes during the commercials they go back and forth between the two of them. Lately, we’ve been doing Sunday get-together and it’s been very fun! Ju-Ju usually makes the sides as my dad likes to be the one who does the grilling. Last weekend, Ju-Ju made Tacos, but dad made us a quesadilla which was delicious! This week, dad grilled out burgers and then another one of his friends brought deer meat. I actually wanted to try it, but didn’t get to. Earlier that day, my folks made pot roast and I cleaned my plate. Three hours later, I was surprised I was even in the mood to eat a cheeseburger, plus the corn pudding that Ju-Ju made along with it.

When I first got there, I was trying to figure out how much movement I could make in my wheelchair. My dad wanted to dress me to where I wouldn’t be cold while sitting in the garage, because even though they have a nice little heater in the back, they try to leave the actual door up so everybody and including myself can get in and out better. My dad dressed me in a regular T-Shirt, plus my old NHS hoodie. I wore a stretchy leggings with an extra pair of sweatpants on top of that. Thank God, he only had me wear one pair of socks over my feet. Well, Ju had been sitting out there for a while and was freezing. I asked my dad to fix my sleeves and they raised the door down. When the door was down, I had my dad take off my sock on my left foot so I could use my phone. I can’t text with my sock on, well I can but in tighter socks, well after he took it off John, Ju’s husband kind of freaked out because he thought that foot would get cold. He even tried to put a jacket over it, but I tried to tell him twice that since that foot is already cold to begin with, there’s no use in making warm or anything. I have weird feet. I actually stayed pretty warm last night, had to take off my hoodie later that night as the heater and amount of people in there were creating a hotter environment.

My mom and Sammy and her family didn’t come until much later in the evening. So that led me and Ju to being the only females in that garage. I love it! When everybody else came over then did things kind of take off from there. Ju’s oldest son Pat came home and he and everybody else played some pool. Even my mom played a couple of rounds, she did pretty good! After watching everybody play and argue back and forth about the “rules” on how to play and the fact we’re not allowed to gamble over rounds, while majority of the guys were outside Vern, Rex, and Sammy’s boyfriend Tepe stayed inside setting up for the next game. I finally voiced if I could, you know try to see if I could do it. It does look complicated but I just wanted to see and after the fact I said that it was on my bucket list, then everybody try to see if I could. Vern split one of them in half because the whole stick was too heavy for me to lift up. They set me up a little part and as much as I got discouraged those first 3 times of going to click it. Everybody was really good about it, after doing it once and figuring out I need a little work. I realized nobody took video or anything, so we had to do it again. It wasn’t that bad. If that’s on any part of my bucket list I can check it off of there. I’m just glad I did it while everybody was outside. Not that much pressure on me!

My mom freaked out that I had Sammy take off my seat belt because I knew I wouldn’t be able to get my feet up to the railing with how much material I had on. I kept telling everybody if I fell on the ground, I’m pretty sure my ass wouldn’t feel a thing!