So Much For Surprises

If you’ve read my post about how crappy my week has been, well then you’ll be happy to know my weekend has been turning out to be better. It started around the time my mom came home from work, she decided to wash my hair early. She did it like 2 hours after she got home and then told me that we’d have to get up early (at 11am) to go to my nana’s so she could do her running. Now two things, my mom did some of her running on Tuesday. I didn’t think they’d really need anything else. So I saw my way through that one well, but I also was really, really bored and lonely on Friday, so I went through my cousin Kristi and my mom’s Facebook to their videos and reminisce for a bit. My family is crazy! I’ll just say that. We all have different things that can make us go a little weird. I had shared one of the videos and tagged everyone in the video and said that I needed one of these days soon. Well, “soon” became the next day.

I woke up at 8:30am, of course I do! I couldn’t go back to sleep for nothing and trust me I tried. I didn’t have to be up for another two hours and I actually wanted to sleep in a little, but it didn’t happen. Anyways, so I debated whether or not I should go online or not, because I know my family too well. I knew something was up. I can never be surprised anymore and it really sucks because somebody usually puts it on their Facebook and/or texts me. I like surprises, good ones. I kept thinking in my head that I wasn’t going to let whatever is brewing inside, so I kept thinking of Ariel of Icon For Hire’s podcast of The Rel Show, she talked about not succumbing to winter depression and how I can change my mood if I really tried. She said at the end of the podcast to say out loud, “I am enough, I am wanted” So I actually said those words twice but I had to put my own spin on it and put “and free” after the second one. I’m not going to lie, I actually felt better about myself. When we first got there, we were confused like genuinely confused because there were two different cars in the driveway and we couldn’t recongize either one. I knew Blondie was coming down because dad spilled those beans. We found out one car was her boyfriend Batman’s car. The other was still a mystery, when I got inside did I figure it out. I was very happy to see Miss Brittany and spend a little bit of time with her too! Throughout the day, I noticed I was being happy and I wasn’t stuck in my head. I definitely didn’t feel lonely that’s for sure! We had an amazing time because everybody actually tried to stay off their phones, we got to talk to Kristi, we laughed until we cried, and the best of all we embarrassed my sister in front of her boyfriend Batman. Hell yes!

That night, I stayed at the house. My mom went over to the garage at our neighbors house. I stayed at home because I thought it was too late in the evening to go out, plus I knew getting out in the cold will just make my bones ache. So I opted out of going over which was okay because I stayed inside and sang the whole time. A little bit after my mom left, Sammy and her boyfriend came over to see me and they sat in my room and we had a nice chat about different things. It was nice. When they left I went back to listening to music but decided that if I was going to do a music review of One Direction’s new album when it comes out, I got some nerve and decided to listen to their previous album to see if getting through their new one would be really worth it. I mean, I like their singles but I know how I get about pop boy bands and albums. It took me YEARS after BSB released their albums before I actually listened to them all the way through. While I was on Pandora the other day, I listened their song “Strong” and I really liked it. So it’s now on my Starred playlist on my Spotify, along with 15 others too!

Right now I’m sitting in my room, listening to Take Me Home album. I can finally say I know whose voice is who is now. I am definitely Team Niam (Niall + Liam) they’re all adorable, but these two affect me more than they probably should! I promise I haven’t been getting all crazy, but I am loving this little dance-y side of me that tends to come out of me more lately. Tonight, I’m going over to the garage and going to try a deer burger. I want to break this picky eater cycle. Don’t worry I’ll take pictures. Oh, speaking of pictures yesterday morning, while my mom was getting ready. She put me up against the back door while I was in the push wheelchair, all of the babies were at the door. If it wasn’t so cold she’d put me out there with them so thankfully the door’s glass part was really clean and these pictures turned out pretty good. Some were taken by my mom, the cats weren’t in the mood for getting their picture taken, just food. Hopefully these will hold you over for a while! Hope everyone has had a great weekend and has an even better weekday.






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