The Sweater Weather Tag


I have been bored and uninspired to do anything this past week. This winter is going to be brutal to me. Right now, I’m in a good mood, full of optimistic and loved. Trying to improve my mood for the entire day since I have no clue how today is going to turn up. I found this cute little tag on my Twitter, from the blogger Toni Clarke. So I’ve decided to do it myself and you’re more than welcome to do the tag and use my cute little banner for it too! PS: I’m leaving the questions the way they are! I don’t care if the person before me spells their words with an extra “u” for the first few years in school that’s how I spelled mine too. It only worked for the first two years! We don’t know why or how I started writing my words like that because I was never around anybody from another country, it was pretty strange at the time!

  • Best fall memory?

My best fall memory was probably my 17th birthday, my sister, cousin Kristi and I all went outside of our nana’s house were they used to have this old rocking swing for the yard. It was cute and rusted, perfect place to sit and chat while some of the adults sat out to smoke. Well, we had brought our trustee camera with us, we took so MANY pictures that day. So much laughs. It was seriously the best!

  • Favourite candle scent?

I like anything that’s tropical and sweet desserts. I’ve actually got three different Scentsy scents ordered: Tropical Mist, Blackberry Chessecake (I’m not a big fan of cheesecake!), and of course you gotta have at least one good holiday scent so the last one is Peppermint Dreams.

  • Coffee, tea or hot chocolate?

I am not a coffee, tea or hot chocolate fan. I never got into that trait. I think all three taste awful, but I have been turning into a fan of different juices lately. We get this V8 juice stuff, mom has been getting this fruit punch kind and it’s so amazing! If my dad likes it, you know it’s the shit. He doesn’t like a lot of juices. Anyways, I was never a fan of apple and grape juice growing up either, now I love them both! My dad just got this new kind of juice it’s the V8 but it’s cherry and pomegranate. Very good when it’s really cold!

  • Which make-up trend do you prefer?

I don’t wear makeup, but I do find that I love berry and darker makeup in the winter times.

  • Best fragrance for fall?

Again, kind of like the candle scents, tropical smells. Gives the illusion you were away on a cruise.

  •  Favourite Thanksgiving food?

Oh god, where do I start? My dad makes the best Turkey, he gets better every year! Um, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, the rolls. Having my own ice cream afterwards because everybody’s gotta have their pies.

  • What is Autumn weather like where you live?

It is traditional, sometimes strange as by November we can go back to August-September type of weather were it’s in the near 67 degrees and you just want to be outside all damn day. It’s not a bad way to be though!

  •  Most worn sweater?

I have sweaters that are for pajamas, so I’m going to say that. I got one for my birthday that is so soft that I look like a furball, but it has a huge skull on it so I’m happy!

  •  Must have nail polish for fall?

Berry, anything dark. Purple, red, navy blue.

  • Football games or jumping in leaf piles?

Give me both! Haven’t done either one in years.

  • Skinny jeans or leggings?

Leggings and fleece pants!

  • Combat boots or Uggs?

I love Uggs, can’t wear them of course but still love them!

  • Is Pumpkin Spice worth the hype?

No. I hate it.

  • Favourite fall TV show?

Dancing With The Stars, The Originals, The Vampire Diaries, and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

  • What song really gets you into the fall spirit?

I am loving these airy indie stuff. It goes great for fall/autumn and my moods.