Tune Tuesday: Early 00’s Divas


What is Tune Tuesday: If you like America, new music always comes out on Tuesdays. In the beginning, that’s when I started talking about music the most. Every Tuesday would be different songs from every genre that I was listening to at that time. Now I’m creating new themes for these days, So for this theme it’s obviously women, talking about all kinds of music divas from different time periods. I’d like to stay around the decades that I know about, the first post had The Superemes and Aretha Franklin and sadly I don’t listen to a lot of their music, but I still consider them as femme fatales in their own right. Each week, you will be learning or remembering powerful female singers from the 80’s,90’s, early 00’s to now. I’m also talking about princesses who will be powerful queens in a few years tops. This is a place to have fun and dance and sing to your favorite songs! Enjoy!

Christina Aguilera

I am a HUGE Xtina fan. I remember the first time I ever listened to her first album. When I was in school, especially in Elementary, my aide would have to watch certain other classes in my grade for indoor recess. So she would take me along with her and I’d get to visit the kids in those classes. I always enjoyed it, but one memorable thing happened in either third or fourth grade, I sat on the floor and one of my friends at the time asked me if I had heard Christina Aguilera’s first album yet, I told her no and she asked if I wanted to listen to it through her little CD player and headphones, that was the first time I’ve ever used headphones in my life.. So I listened to it, tried to keep quiet from singing out loud when “Genie In A Bottle” started to play. A few years later, my mom bought “Stripped” and I remember listening and singing out loud a little bit after we came home from Shriner’s. I have all of her albums. My favorite albums are “Bionic” and “Lotus” and I loved her as Ali Rose in the movie Burlesque and it also made me fall in love with the world of Burlesque too!


My friend Haley has always been a fan of Pink. She used to have a large poster of her of the “Mizzunderstood” era. I love her earlier stuff, but she always put out great stuff altogether. My mom is in love with this woman. I have a funny story to tell, one afternoon my dad was bringing in a plate full of food for me to eat and I was in the middle of watching a bunch of music videos on my TV. He came in at the right time as the “Lady Marmalade” song came on my TV and apparently he hadn’t watched it at all, so as he was just about to leave my room, he looked over at the TV and just stood there basically frozen. After like a couple of seconds he just kind of gave up and sat on my bed. He literally recorded her entire concert show from Australia when it played on Pollandia one night.