What A Celebration!


This week has been a very interesting one as whenever you have things planned things can array and that’s what happened, my mom has her work schedule changed twice in the week, first she was wasn’t working on today (Saturday) and well, now she is. We’ve had to rearrange everything around and lucky for everybody I was willing to go with the flow with no complaints. I’ve kind of always wanted to celebrate my birthday on Halloween and this year I actually got to do that. Another part of our original plan was to go to Steak N Shake in Vincennes and eat there for my birthday, but we found out earlier in the week that they wouldn’t open until next week. So we ended up going to the second post and we got to do the buffet at Ponderosa. It was my parents, Blondie and her boyfriend, something else that was different from the past years was this was the first year that I got to eat by myself, I’ve always had somebody feed me, but we took the push wheelchair and it was much shorter than my big chair, so I got to it all myself even eat ice cream!

After we left, I sat in the backseat with the push chair, which was weird. The day was pretty windy and gloomy. It never rain or anything, but the cold wind was NOT the best thing. Halfway through the drive home, I was busy watching the pretty autumn overview as we were driving home. So I finally asked my mom how good her camera was while the car was in motion. She, of course said that she didn’t know and then she asked if I wanted to some pictures of the trees and everything around, I said yeah. She was REALLY getting into it. I kept seeing her try to reach out a bit to get a better picture. I kept wondering what my dad was thinking while she was busy doing it. When we got home, my mom took a nap and I laid on my bed trying to relax a bit, after fifteen minutes I sat up and started editing my pictures. When she got up, she took me to my nana’s and she made me dark chocolate cupcakes. My papaw had told us when we first got inside the house that he’d had two of them already, but only had the second because he dropped the first one on the floor! He rat on himself! It was hilarious! I only got to eat one cupcake but it was okay because my nana and I kept talking amongst each other. It was okay, after that I stayed at home for a couple more hours until the last part of the night begin.

The last part of the day and the beginning of the night, started out simple and absolutely hilarious for my mom. Now, we were supposed to go out trick-or-treating, but since it was too damn cold and really windy outside, it ended up being a no-go. Which was okay, because while my mom was out doing my nana’s errands she got a bunch of candy. We also decided to dress up anyways. We waited until the last minute to find anything and Sammy and her mom had quite a bit of different costumes you could do the last minute. Somebody had suggested that I could go as somebody in an electric chair because since I have an electric (wheel)chair, we could find a belt and something else to put on my head. My mom got really into it. Unfortunately, I don’t have very many white clothes, but we did find this one sweater that has black skulls in the front. My mom had this bright idea of putting it on backwards and tying the sleeves around to my back. My mom used one of her brown belts and put it around my arms, lastly we didn’t exactly know how to make the helmet or whatever. So we used my headband and get this my mom cut part of the cat food bag and cut a circle of it and put underneath my headband. It actually ended up being pretty good. An hour of being in the barn, seeing Sammy and Tepe with their face make-up on, Sammy offered to put on some makeup on me too. She gave me a similar sugar skull design. I actually liked it a lot! A couple of their friends came over and we had some pretty cool pictures! Lots of fake blood, I was the only one that was tame.

The whole time, we sat by the heater in the barn. I kept eating candy that we brought from home. I swear I had like five or six different suckers, still haven’t had a Club Soda sucker yet. My favorites of the night were the Raspberry Lemonade and Peach Mango, that I never got to finish because I had that one while Sammy was doing my face makeup and I didn’t want to drive her insane with my sucker in my mouth, so I took it out and gave it to my mom to HOLD! She ate the stinking thing! Sammy and her mama, got me some really cool presents. I got a cute black skull garland and a pajama outfit of a skull shirt and light purple leopard fuzzy pants. The one thing I wasn’t expecting was the last gift of all that everybody knew and I didn’t. Sometimes I love/hate those kinds of surprises. Sammy and Theresa came inside and they surprised me with an awesome birthday cake, it was a light purple skull and it was a while cake around the face area, but the top of it was the most coolest part of the entire thing. She put a small layer of red velvet cake as a brain and she had red corn syrup dripping down the sides of the cake like blood. The green parts are coconut shavings, the little black “graves” at the sides are from crushed up chocolate graham crackers. It was amazing! I had never treated red velvet before and I’ve got to say eat it with coconut on it and it tastes really good. Sammy and I really enjoyed it! So did their outdoor cat Twitches too!

I also got a small little bag of those left over skulls on the right side, they weren’t edible. I’m going to have fun finding places for all these different skull stuff! I had a fun time over in the barn with everybody! Day Two was on my actual birthday. We celebrated it in the garage this time around. Our neighbors just a got a new pool table. So everybody was interested in playing it for the first time! We went over there, dad made his famous pork chops, somebody made this really good sweet baked beans, it had like three different kinds of beans. Ju-Ju also made a good batch of corn on the cob and basically soaked it with butter. I had two corn cobs and it was delicious! I honestly had a great time over in the garage watching the guys play pool and all of us women were just talking up a storm. Going back home however was interesting because we were walking out in the dark and I remembered there was something on the side of the other garage and I could see an outline of something in front of me, so when I was trying to dodge it my mom was trying to get me to through it, it was difficult not to scream after that but I knew I was hitting something! That was my two days of my birthday celebration. I’m hoping on Monday or Tuesday, my mom will make me potato soup because I still haven’t had my birthday dinner yet.

I'd say this comfort food at its finest!
I’d say this comfort food at its finest!












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