Blogs That I Love: #14


Happy Halloween folks! What I like to do on Friday’s is give all of my readers a good list of blogs and their authors, a chance to be recognized. For a lot of the blogs I read, sometimes it’s sudden and then I have a few were I can’t get enough and read their stuff all the time. If you’ve heard me talking about these type of posts before, you know how much I don’t like getting anything in return. I don’t do it for that, I do it for the ones who want new blogs to read and to tell those bloggers recognized that I l o v e their blogs, plus I love knowing that I might’ve brighten their day too!

  1. Bloo ‘n’ Stuff – Sara is a lifestyle blogger, she lives in Ireland. She’s very different from the other bloggers because she’s a disabled blogger like me. She has a disease called Muscular Dystrophy, she writes about things in her life and disability. Something that I like is that at the beginning of every post, she has a very large quote that gives you a feeling that this will be different from other posts you might read that day. Besides talking about life with MD, she also talks about animals and book reviews. Her blog is adorable and simple!
  2. She & Life – Ella is pretty young, but she is already a mother of two small children and has a boyfriend. She lives in the UK. Her blog looks professional. Pictures are utterly amazing and it’s a very different experience. Sometimes in these types of blog themes you feel kind of overwhelmed by how much is on your screen when you first pull it up, but thankfully Ella’s background is just a white layout. So it still has that simple element. She has a bunch of categories, from lifestyle to fur babies. Her posts kind of give me this country feeling. They’re look so simple and elegant that they’re perfect.
  3. Little Bird’s Mama – This next blog is a little different, even for me, but I really like the quality and cuteness of the blog. Neram is the blogger behind Little Bird’s Mama. She lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Her son Thiago is the inspiration behind the blog. She talks about her new life as a mother, living in Amsterdam, talks about fashion, and living green. Which was another draw to her blog. I find the whole eco-living is such a “different” take. Since I’ve been basically detoxing my mind from all of the negativity and stuff like that, she’s making some changes to her life and her family’s life early on. I find what she’s talking about on her blog very helpful as a non-mother, but I’m sure any mother who wants a greater change for their child(ren) would love her too!
  4. Dorkface – Miss Jemma. I just love her, she’s the sweetest girl I’ve met in a while. She lives in the UK, she talks about lifestyle, beauty, and craft/DIY’s. She does a lot of cute, quirky little doodles that I immediately get jealous over, because my artistic side of me on my “paint” program is just not for me. I’ve tried to do a few things and it has been a success on my part, but her stuff is a LOT better.


4 thoughts on “Blogs That I Love: #14

  1. Oh Meghan, thanks so much for including me here and your kind and honest words. It means a lot to me. I’m a bit late in responding. My apologies. I send you a big hug from Amsterdam.xxxx


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