Music Video: One Direction’s “Steal My Girl”

This music review might surprise a few people, but I take it as a good thing. Just remind yourselves, this is just a review. No where am I making fun of anybody. It’s just my opinion on the music video below. Enjoy!

My 1D love has grown a lot since over the summer. Recording their film One Direction: This Is Us was the best idea I’ve had in a while. Sometimes whenever I record movies from different channels I usually delete them right after I’m finished with them, but when my sister and I finished it that first time I never got rid of it and I’m happy I didn’t. In one week alone, I watched it twice. I’m still waiting for my dad to change his mocking song he does whenever he wants to tease me, from me having “Bieber fever” and I’ll say I was NEVER a big Justin Bieber fan. I don’t think my dad even knows who One Direction is because my sister and I have been quiet about them. My mom has already made fun of me, but it’s all good fun because she knows he bad I fall for boy bands…I mean, she remembers my love for the Backstreet Boys when I was younger. Just because I’m in my 20’s it doesn’t mean I hate to hide that I like them.

When I first heard their newest single, “Steal My Girl” I’ll admit I switched the music channels before it got to the first verse. That second time though, I did finally give in and listen to it all the way through. I really like the intro, that fun/quirky piano, to me it sounds like a normal pop song. The ideal pop song sounds like that. This music video is actually the only one I’ve actually watched and they have a lot of music videos on their Vevo channel. So for my first video, I liked it. I mean, there were things about I really did like about it. The guys, obviously is one of the main reasons of course! I liked that Another thing I liked about it was that Danny DeVito was cast to be like the “director” of the video and whenever he tries to get the boys to think of creative stuff, you can kind of look like them and see terror in their faces just a little bit. I’m not going to lie when I say, I would LOVE to see the outtakes on seeing who cracked under pressure and started laughing at the talking sequence. The scenes of Louis and the monkey was just too cute!

The last thing I liked about it was their setting was in a desert like place, so there are many things you can do in these types of settings. I feel like there was too much going on throughout the music video. I’m still confused about the concept and what those names Danny’s character gave them. Even though, three of those names I would agree with but they never played a part in the video in any way shape or form. As much as it looked like a big party and the 1D boys looked like they had a fun time, they look just as confused about what was going on behind them. There was just too much, in my opinion. I started out fine and great, but once Liam’s part came on and all of those marching band members were in that shot, then later with Harry’s and the ballerinas, I got so overwhelmed with all of the distractions of the actual song. I understand music videos are supposed to be bringing a bit of fun and entertainment to the viewer, but this viewer was so lost! I still think it was a good song, but I’m choosing to stick with only watching it twice.

3 thoughts on “Music Video: One Direction’s “Steal My Girl”

  1. Eh, that video really wasn’t great. It’s like they have so much money they just said “We’ll have one of everything! …And Danny Devito” and put it in a vid. xD That being said, I really like the song. 😀


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