Tune Tuesday: Pop Divas


What is Tune Tuesday: If you like America, new music always comes out on Tuesdays. In the beginning, that’s when I started talking about music the most. Every Tuesday would be different songs from every genre that I was listening to at that time. Now I’m creating new themes for these days, So for this theme it’s obviously women, talking about all kinds of music divas from different time periods. I’d like to stay around the decades that I know about, the first post had The Superemes and Aretha Franklin and sadly I don’t listen to a lot of their music, but I still consider them as femme fatales in their own right. Each week, you will be learning or remembering powerful female singers from the 80’s,90’s, early 00’s to now. I’m also talking about princesses who will be powerful queens in a few years tops. This is a place to have fun and dance and sing to your favorite songs! Enjoy!

Spice Girls

Spice Girls is the ultimate all girl pop group of the 90’s and leave it to me to have only heard of “Wannabe.” I was so difficult to get into any female acts. I was a late bloomer, I never heard of two other divas on future installments until a couple of years after their first record came out. Since I’m from the US, I feel like I was only introduced to “Wannabe” and that was it because hardly anybody liked them here, or at least nobody in my generation. I do have a funny story to tell, since that song is so recognizable, you can hear it anywhere and know it instantly. So one day in my short stories class during my junior year, our teacher assigned us a story to read, and it was quiet in our classroom except for the students waiting across the hall to go to lunch, when the bell rang and they left the classroom, the noise started to fade and it was easily to read you know. Well, all of a sudden we heard the teacher of that classroom walk out of his room whistling the intro to “Wannabe” and our teacher goes, “is he whistling to a Spice Girls’ song?” and everybody just went “yes” and we started laughing of how random it was.

Celine Dion

Celine Dion is another singer that took me to getting used to, of course now I feel like total shit because she’s beautiful and powerful singer in her own right. When I was younger, I remember listening to “My Heart Will Go On” while my mom would watch Titanic and after being around her while she listened to other powerful singers, I somehow got this song confused with these other songs. By the time, I was 17 I was so confused about which song was what. Finally I have them all figured out, thank god! Anyways, I have love quite a few of her songs now. One day my mom was apparently on CD spree and she bought like 4 songs. I knew 3 of them. I love hearing her sing in French, but I’ve always loved hearing singers sing in another language. I recently watched Celine Through The Eyes Of The World and even though it took me like three days to get through it. I loved it so much!

Jennifer Lopez

I think I’ve always been interested in JLo, both musically and film careers. This goes with my mom too! She’s the reason why we have her first record, I got her “I’m Real” album from a sale at our nearby library, surprisingly it was uncensored. The only albums of hers though that I truly love and can listen all the way through is her 2007’s album, “Rebirth.” It came out a year before she became pregnant with her children. If it didn’t skip so much I’d listen to it more often. Everything she puts out though, I give it a listen and you can never turn down old school Jennifer Lopez either. If it comes on the radio, it stays there the only thing you are allowed to do is turn up the volume.

Britney Spears

Britney Spears’ was a Mickey Mouse Club back in the early 90’s with another diva who will be making her way onto this list very soon. I have almost every BS album but her very first record and the last two, Femme Fatale and Britney Jean. Funny story to tell, in 8th grade, we headed to Indianapolis for our choir concert at the big mall there. I had two or three friends riding on the bus with me and one of them brought along her CD player. Back then, a large number of us haven’t even heard of an iPod. I had an MP3 player but it was junk. It worked though so I used it. She brought along a small box set case  with some CDs inside. My album for Oops! I Did It Again was skipping pretty bad. She showed me what she had in her case and I asked her if I could borrow it sometime because of what was becoming of mine. She ended up just giving it to me, because she had two. So later on, I was at home and wanted to put it in my stereo. I originally wanted to throw mine in the trash. Well, just as I got it out of my box set, I realized I had done something really stupid. I had both CDs out and hadn’t a clue which was hers. So the one that has the big “X” on it that was supposed to the one that didn’t work was actually hers because it doesn’t skip at all.

7 thoughts on “Tune Tuesday: Pop Divas

  1. I am so serious! I was just listening to this song on the bus on the way to school! And in other news, it’s been about FOUR YEARS SINCE I HAVE SAID HI TO YOU! I’m sorry. Hi! If you don’t remember me, I was oceanicdebris on twitter and have the blog of the same name.


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