Tune Tuesday: Start Of Female Queens


So our last theme was a success, I wish it could have been better but you can’t have everything! For the rest of the year, it’s the first half of the edition of Femme Fatale I’m actually really excited about talking about four different queens each week. I’ve kind of separated them out from decades. I’ve been wanting to do a female based theme for my Tune Tuesdays, because I am a lover of female singers. I admire a lot of them and you’ll learn that along the way. Some of these women have songs that will bring you back to your childhood and make you sing and dance while you read and listen. If you have any other female singer that you think I need to listen to or put in the next part for 2015, place a comment at the bottom and I’ll try to squeeze them in for the new year! Now let’s get down to business! 

The Superemes

The Superemes were one of the best pop groups in the 60’s, but as luck would have it, I’ve never listened to them throughout my childhood or adult life, well that is until now! The group was originally made up of Florence Ballard, Scherrie Payne, Diana Ross, Susaye Greene, Lynda Laurence, Mary Wilson, Cindy Birdsong, and Jean Terrell. I’ve had to break the cycle and listen to some songs for this post. Over the years, I’ve grown to love old songs, because recording back then is very different from today. Songs from the 60’s and 70’s give out this very lively and echo sound to the singer’s voice and music in the background. Their song “Baby Love” that I actually remember singing from time to time (and I don’t know how or why) became England’s first all female group to be #1 on the pop, R&B charts.

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin is a legend. It’s kind of weird as a person who’s never really listened before or after I found out about the song “Respect” but you can’t blame me though, because I still know better not to knock this woman’s ability to bring the soul to any performance she does, even if she recreates an Adele song. She remake Adele’s hit song “Rolling In The Deep” and I’m not going to lie, I like her version a little more than I probably should. This is the second cover of this song that I’ve fallen in love with which surprises the crap out of me. Anyways, if you want to have a soulful moment, I’d listen to Aretha and chill out.


Now my nana hates this next femme fatale, but my mom has loved her since probably she found Prince and Motley Crue, but I could be wrong! My mom has the biggest influence on what I listened as a child, I grew up on old school rap and hip hop, with the extra spice of Madonna in there too! The first big tour/documentary film I’ve ever seen was of Madonna: Truth Or Dare at probably six or seven years old. I’m pretty sure at that time I didn’t need to see the scene of “Like A Prayer” but I was always with my mom at that time. That film was the first time I’d ever heard of “Express Yourself,” “Holiday” and “Vogue” and I still love those songs! Everytime she releases an album I do try to listen to it but I have more luck liking the singles.

Shania Twain

In the late 90’s to the early 00’s, my mom was discovering her inner country side and I tried it out too. For some of it, I don’t actually remember but I do remember my cousin Amy bringing down a taping of a Shania Twain concert in Miami and between the two of us, we watched that in our living room all the time! Plus the fact she performed a song with the Backstreet Boys basically pulled me in even more! I like a good Shania classics every now and then, she had sassy lyrics and take control attitude within them. I secretly wanted to become her someday. If my mom and I find a song of hers playing on the radio in the car, nobody touches that dial until that song is over!

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