Tune Tuesday: United Kingdom Week 2


So this is it!! The last of the UK trip and end of the whole music travels. What country was your favorite? I think I liked both Ireland and Poland. Basically for the fact I had help from my friends who live in those countries. They did what I originally wanted for these posts was to find people in the countries I was planning on talking about on here and they would bring in different people for me to focus on instead of me trying to find different artists and bands that I probably talk about too much on here. Just wait until the next theme I’m changing it to next week. If you read last week’s post, I said I’d give you a snippet of what the theme will be and I’m so excited to say that it’s about the queens of music. We’ll start out talking about the Queens of different music genres. If you are hooked up to my Facebook, I’ll be posting the Queens of movies. Too bad I can’t make it for Wednesday, or this would have been the best idea ever, but this works too! I’m open to suggestions for different Queens and Princesses of different genres. I’m highlighting every genre, blues, jazz, rock etc. I can’t wait to reveal the new TT banner. I got it done three weeks ago, it’s really cool! Before we can go into that though, we gotta live it up with second part of UK! I hope you’ve enjoy and join me next for the Femme Fatale edition.

Fire Breather by Laurel

To The Hills by Laurel

Strong by London Grammar

Recovery by Frank Turner

I Want Out by Young Guns

Bones by Young Guns

Only Love Can Hurt Like This by Paloma Faith

Don’t by Ed Sheeran

Paradise by Coldplay

Viva La Vida by Coldplay

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