Book Review: The Invitation by Roxy Sloane

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This book just recently came out! This is the first book of the series. It’s a novella, which means it’s smaller in length. This took me probably three or four days to complete. It was a very good book to read, and the fact it was free was even better. It took me two days to finally cave though. I’m not like everybody else, I’m not into the billionaire type of erotica novels. My problem of why it took me longer to get it was the fact that I assumed it would be that type of book considering the cover is of a man in a very sexy suit. As much as I am a lover of guys in suits, I had to think about it still. When I finally did get it and started reading it, I felt like a complete dumbass.

This book is called The Invitation by Roxy Sloane. Sound familiar? It should, if you read my other book review of the first book of another series, called The Seduction. You would be surprised to know that there some similarities between the two books. You only come to out in the end of this one though. This book is about a young woman who is done as a college student, she studied her ass off for her degree in Law and wants a better life for not only herself but for her mother and younger sister too. She feels unbelievably proud of herself of the long hour she put into her classes and work. Now, here’s the twist. Just because she’s a law student doesn’t mean she’s the goody-goody two shoes on campus. She’s got a reputation for something else that has nothing to do with law and nobody objects to it either. Two years prior to the day of setting in the book takes place. She meets another law student with a bigger reputation than hers. Ashton. He is a hottest thing on campus and has every woman in his pocket, well almost every woman…

At the beginning of Ash and JJ’s (Ash’s nickname for her) time together they vowed only to be friends as neither one were really looking for relationships, but since they got along so damn well, they’d spend their late nights together hanging out and drinking, plus talking about their past adventures and family. I’ve explained a little bit about JJ so here’s some background on the hottie of the story. Ashton isn’t from America originally, he’s British and he does have a wealthy family, but his family especially his father wants him to take responsiblity back home. So on his last night out in New York, he meets up with his ole friend JJ and they share a drink and the book explains about how bad both characters have wanted each other for years. When one of JJ’s professors sees her at the hangout, she immediately breaks hold of Ash’s spell for a second and talks to him, but when Ash tries to introduce himself and is ignorant plus when the professor basically makes a pass at her, he gets very dominant. Since neither one know that they want each other, that move of Ash’s jealously tells JJ everything she needs before calling her prey. However, before she can even leach to him. Ash pulls her into a dare that she ends up accomplishes with flying colors but not without reaching something else as well. After that, it’s time for Ash’s turn. His dare was to show a picture of his junk and put it in the Dean’s office. That’s where round two begins. After leaving the campus and getting into a cab where JJ gets teased by him that literally has you sitting on the edge of your seat. When they reach his place, round four begins but in the morning leads one character thinking about the future. The actually ending of the story, is set three years later when JJ visits her best friend Keely (another name you might know!) back in New York, and finds a decorated box that says a very interesting, erotic message on it.

This book was very naughty. I should be used to these books by now, but it was a good naughty, if there is such a thing. I actually enjoyed both characters equally, which NEVER happens. There’s always the male character I’ll like in the book, but the female leads are never my favorite. I’ve never understood why because as a woman I should have found something that I like about her. JJ was not very cocky, instead I felt she was more sassy. She never let go of what she wanted but neither did Ash. I kind of wanted more back story of Ash, and surprisingly I love men in British accents, I mean who doesn’t? I never imagined him in a British accent though and I desperately tried to pick an actor that could be hot enough to be my voice over/Ash while reading the book. Something nows tells me I should have been thinking about Joseph Morgan but he isn’t that cute underneath those clothes. Sorry, I call it how it is. I think I would rate this book four out of five stars just on the things about Ash, imagining who he looks like and not enough story for him. It was still a good and sexy story though!

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