Book Review: The Seduction by Roxy Sloane

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It’s been awhile since I’ve done a book review. I’ve been debating whether or not I want to do a book review on this book, because it’s a novella. So it’s smaller in length than the normal books that I read. However, it was definitely worthy of a book review though! So let’s get to it! This book was one of the free books on Amazon back in August. I got it done it like three days, it’s a novella, so they’re not as long and sometimes can capture you and keep you interested longer than your normal books can. At least, I think so!

The book is called The Seduction by Roxy Sloane and it’s about a group of characters, but it’s mainly the love affair of the two main characters. Vaughn and Keely. Vaughn is a dirty mouthed man who thinks he make every woman fall to their knees and give it up. Keely is a not as easy as Vaughn’s thinking she is, but it’s not all about sex with Vaughn though. He’s basically on a mission when a client of his wants proof of her at her naughtiest, they want to ruin her. He doesn’t know why nor does he want to in the beginning. Keely works at a law firm and although, she doesn’t have her degree yet, she takes cases with other partners at the firm, sits in the room and takes notes. In the beginning, she sits with a big client of theirs, Mr. Ashcroft. He’s ill and slowly dying, so he wants to sign off on his will to make it official that his kids will not get anything after he’s gone. He talks to Keely about her family, after he has a coughing fit in the room. Keely’s the only one in her family and this holds a big factor at the end of the book.

Later on that day, she gets forced to get her boss Carter his everyday drink and she meets Vaughn after literally running into him and spilling the drink all over him. After offering her to get another one, she denies the help, but he does it anyway in a very dominant way. When he calls her by her name after saying goodbye, she wonders how he knew it. The next day, they come face-to-face again, this time he is the client. Once again, she’s left alone with another client, she tries to get Vaughn to reconsider making another appointment especially after Vaughn makes some very obscene comments to her. When he tells her that he’ll just her boss that she kicked him out, she knew her job would be at stake. So she stays and oh hell breaks loose! Skipping to the end, Mr. Ashcroft takes a turn for the worst and then things really pick up. Vaughn in a way starts to change about how he feels about scamming Keely to get proof for his client. After that, is the cliffhanger of how is out to destroy Keely Fawes and how will Vaughn make her trust him again.

From the first office scene between them leads into the museum and the ending. It gets a bit too much for both to handle, but then again both don’t feel like letting go either. I liked the smartass comments between the two characters. Vaughn is a very strong-willed man, he likes taking control of every situation he’s in. Everything he does is for his job, for his clients. Keely is very job orientated too. She doesn’t like Vaughn’s mouth as much as he thinks she does. She believes in keeping things separate between business and pleasure, but her will starts to give out towards the end. I think she likes teasing Vaughn a little more than we think she does. She likes to keep him on his toes. I liked the mysterious outlook of the whole book. Because it’s not just Keely who has an enemy, but in the middle of it all Vaughn seems to have one too, but it’s not out in the spotlight as much as hers. I honestly loved this book, it was very quick but I was seriously hooked to it. I literally woke up at 7am one morning and instead of getting up and going online first thing, I grabbed my Kindle and started reading some chapters. I would give four out of five stars altogether. I really want and need to read the second book soon.

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