The Aunts’ Collection Of Spoons.

Hello everybody and Happy Monday!

I hope everybody had a good weekend. I did! On Saturday, while my dad went on a bike ride I went to my grandparent’s house. I ate lunch and my nana and I had a lesson about computers and all that fun stuff! It’s a bit strange sometimes when we both teach each other things that we may not know yet. She’s been getting me more into making creations on Paint lately. I’ve been teaching her the rest. When we finished with that stuff, she fed me ice cream and after a half hour, we finally got started on figuring out her spoons. Well, they’re not exactly hers, more like Papaw’s aunts. Growing up, on my mom’s side of the family. My Papaw has four aunts that are kind of legendary. My nana thinks the spoons either belonged to Aunt Lula or Aunt Regina (Ra-gee-na) we don’t know which one at the moment.

I’ve honestly never seen these before. Anything that’s higher for me to see, then I hardly ever see it. One reason why I’m just now seeing them is because of the fact they were originally placed behind the kitchen door, collecting dust. So the weekend when my Aunt Laurie and her husband Mike came down, they were rearranging my nana’s office and she found the perfect place for them in her office. She had enough space for the shelf to hang and it’s actually pretty where it is now, because my nana has these small lit Christmas trees that she plugs into the wall and the different colored lights flicker against the spoons on the stand. It’s really cool! Well, the day I came over to help with her laundry, I took pictures around her house and I decided I wanted to write about them. The only problem we had been the fact we didn’t know where the spoons came from. We tried taking a couple off and reading what was written on them, but with the poor lighting in her office, you can’t do anything in there, especially read. No wonder when we used to have company my papaw would have his recliner moved into that room. It is the perfect room for napping.


This time around we took the stand and spoons into the kitchen, because we knew with both the light above and the light coming from the outside would be enough for us to see even the smallest of writing, but the trick was I had to figured how things were spelled. Some of the markings of the spoons were easy to figure out. Like the upper parts of the handles, those had very small but easily determined markings on it where you could figure out what the maker’s wanted everybody to know where they came from. There were two spoons that had easy handles, it was the whole point of making your brain work to figure it out. The first had a leaf and we were like, what the hell does the leaf mean? Once I looked at it, I thought it was pretty in the details and it did look familiar, but we couldn’t figure out until we read the inside of the actual spoon, were it said in plain writing “Canada” and it was like, “OH!” The leaf looked like the flag so I knew I knew the leaf somewhere. She actually three spoons like that! The other was the hardest of them all honestly. This one, had a beautiful decorated handle and inside of the spoon. A small picture of our first President, George Washington was at the top, while at the bottom had a small detailed markings of his hometown. It had something written at the very top that we never understood, but the bottom was my real problem no matter how many times we arranged it to get the light to reflect it so I could actually read what it said, at the last bit I finally found the comma and the letters “VA” standing for the state Virginia. That last second I finally got it, when she had it upside down (not kidding!) I read “Alexandria, VA” and it was best thing ever!

The others were very interesting, the one we had trouble making out that first day, had some sort of house on top of the handle. It wasn’t like any other house though, it was craved out of the left over space. Looked like a little hunt on top of the spoon. Nana said it might be from the Philippines or some other islands. Well, when she let me read the inside of the spoon, it said “Manila, Pha” on it. So she was right, after looking over the next one and the one after that, we were kind of hoping to find ones we had in our heads, she hoped we had a England spoon and I hoped we had a Poland spoon. We didn’t find either one, which was fine. The Aunts definitely liked traveling over to Canada considering we had like six or seven of them. Five of which were doubles of the same ones we already had. Along with the Philippines spoon, there was also an Italy spoon too. It didn’t have any clues on it that could’ve made us know what it was at the start, but it did have the colors of their flag on it thought. On the US side though, we had a Michigan, Kentucky, and Niagara Falls. It was interesting not to find an Indiana spoon in the lineup but Kentucky and Michigan spoons instead! There was one more spoon that unfortunately didn’t have any good markings on it, telling us where it was from but it had a nice round marble like at the top of the handle, it was white and blue swirls. We still don’t know what it is. I tried to get some good pictures of them. If anybody in your families has a collection like this, I suggest you take the time to go through it. My nana and I actually enjoyed it.

The Kentucky and Canadian spoons
The Kentucky and Canadian spoons
I wish the top came out better, we still don't know where this one is from
I wish the top came out better, we still don’t know where this one is from


Money Doesn’t Last, But Memories Do

win the lottery and share it with my loved ones!!

How many of you have always wished to have a million dollars and then started listing off different things you would do with that amount of money you’d receive after the government takes out the taxes of it. Some would say give it to charity, others say move into a bigger house and have cooler cars. Everybody’s got their own wishes. My Papaw is always playing the lottery every week. He never misses it. Every Wednesday and Saturday, we know that sometime he’ll be calling in the mornings wanting for somebody to get his tickets and figure out if it’s the lucky ticket or not. In my family, we all have different things we want. I asked a two-part question on both my Facebook and Twitter and I got some responses, I know my Papaw wants to go back to Hawaii. My nana wants to go to San Diego and see the beach. My mom also wants to go to Hawaii too. Out of all of the responses I got from my Facebook and Twitter, nobody could have topped my Uncle David’s reply. He said he wanted to go anywhere that has a Pizza Hut. Technically I shouldn’t had wanted anything better than this kind of response because it defines my Uncle as he nicknamed the “Pizzaman” in our family. My blogger friends Aftab and Ella said they wanted to go to Bora Bora and New Zealand.

My nana and I were actually discussing about this, about what we would do if it ever happened. Honestly, I don’t want to win the lottery, because to me, it doesn’t matter how many things you get or go with the money, I don’t think you’ll ever be happy. Money doesn’t last forever, one way or another you’ll run out whether if you’re greedy and spending it all or being generous and giving it away. We were discussing about the one thing that we’d go to do it with the money and I indulged in the wish for a moment. Where would I go? I know I’ve done a bunch of posts about the travels on my bucket list, but if I could just go to one place, where would I go? It’s honestly a tough choice to make when everybody wants to travel the whole world, but when you think about distance and a place were you’d truly love and be able to enjoy yourself. I kind of had to separate this out a bit from being in the US and internationally. So to start off, I’d always wanted to be  food tourist. I’ve watched too many shows and read too many blog posts to ignore myself from wanting to go to a place and just tour the different restaurants and bakeries. The first place I’d go to in the US is Portland, OR. I’ve just heard so many things about how the chefs there being really unique with their dishes but being able to stand out amongst the rest is difficult, that I’d like to just enjoy the different eats and then of course blog about it afterwards. Now internationally, my heart wants to go to Poland. Mostly to see my friend Ania but I want to learn all I can about her country too. If I couldn’t go there, I’d go to Ireland as my second best.

As I’ve mentioned, there was a second part we discussed. My nana and I are in wheelchairs. She has told me about this fan of Adam Lambert, basically paying out the wazoo for him to play a small concert for her and family and friends. So she’s always told me that if they ever won the lottery that she’d want somebody to do that for her and get Adam Lambert to play for her, but without all of the people in front of her and the screams of the crowd. So that leads into my next part. If you had a million dollars, and you could have a concert all to yourself or a normal gig with a big crowd, who would you chose? It can be alive or dead too. My friends Ania chose Queen but with only Freddie Mercury. Mandy had said she wants Stone Temple Pilots but only with Scott Weiland back as lead vocalist. I really liked my mom’s response as I figured she’d choose Prince, but she wants old Prince. Whether that means Prince & The Revolution? I have no idea. Honestly, if she ever got that I’d probably go with her. When my nana asked for my answer I actually took some time to think about it, because I love a lot of international bands. A lot of them never come close to me. So of course, I was thinking of distance. It wasn’t about which group was the furthest, but which one I love the most and who would put on a breath-taking show. My answer was clear, it would be Within Temptation. I’ve seen their live shows on YouTube and I get so memorized by the whole performance. The flames of pyro and the love you feel between the audience and members of the band. It just seems like a great choice!

So now it’s your turn, if you could choice any place and if you had the money to pay for it – where would you go? Plus, if you could see anybody live (alive or dead) who would you chose? 


Small Treat



Hello, how is everybody’s Thursday going? Is it just me or is this week going by fast? 

Yesterday I went to my nana’s while my mom did her errands. Since my Uncle Rick came over on Saturday, he actually went out and did her errands for her, so when she went out again she didn’t need to get as much as she usually gets at the end of the week. I hardly ever work for her anymore because she’s been doing majority of the stuff on her own. Which is really good as she’s fighting to do things she hasn’t been able to do in a while, but now that she’s been able to do these things she’s also hurt the side of her back and everytime she leans down or to her side, she has pain. When I got there, she already had all of the clothes out of the laundry hamper for me. All I have to do is spread it all into whites and colors and put them in different baskets. It gives me something to do first of all and yes, I get paid for it, but I basically used that for an iTunes card. It was very worth it though! While I’m working with her clothes, we always have time to chat one-on-one even if poor Papaw is sleeping in the next room. He’s gotta be used to us by now!

After I was finished, I started thinking about taking more pictures around the house. She’s got a few things that need to be recognized. One of these is her dollhouse. One day, my dad went on a bike ride with a bunch of other bikers. He was very excited to do it and he’s always wanted to do it. I went over to my grandparent’s house since Blondie was away at school and mom was at work, so I went there and we had a back up plan in case I needed to go to the bathroom to call my friend Sammy. Well, during the second or three hour I was there, I really had to go and so I texted her and she came over. Well, as I was explaining everything, Sammy took an interest in the dollhouse. She just loved it! That was before it was fully decorated with different Halloween decorations like it is now. My nana loves this dollhouse, she’s made the furniture for the different rooms. She’s different done everything to make it look like the ideal dollhouse. I used to love it as a kid. Now as an adult, I love looking at it and seeing the classic look it brings to the corner of the room. The blue is a beautiful shade of baby blue. It looks like it just got a fresh coat of paint on it. She’s collected different little things for the holidays and got the idea to put the smaller stuff on the dollhouse. Just wait til Christmas!

Now in their living room has the “Holy Grail” as what I like to call it. It’s a massive stereo system. My Papaw loves his music just as much as everyone in my family. In different parts of the house, you may not be surprised to find an old vinyl lying around on a bookshelf collecting dust. He has three sections, at the top is of course the record player. Middle section is where you can play CDs and at the bottom are the two rows of cassette players. I call it the Holy Grail because when I was growing up and even now, those three are so outdated that it is rare to find anybody to have all three. I have no idea if they all still work. I’m pretty sure they do though. Something does work, because we used it one year. In our family, we used to play Stan Kenton’s Christmas music on there every year. My mom has the best story though. My grandparents were leaving for the evening and he told her to not touch it while they were gone. Well, once they exist she popped in a Motley Crue cassette into the holder and started jamming, because of course he’s got these two huge speakers that I would use to my advantage and the floor would move. Anyways, she only got busted because Papaw forgot something and came back inside the house. Even I was mad that she failed. On the other side of the room, he’s got the piano were he’s got his little buddies. He’s got singing/dancing creatures from different Christmases. What’s bad about it is that one even sings Maroon 5’s “Move Like Jagger” and shakes its butt. He’s got like six of them sitting around the piano, it’s so cute!

This afternoon, I finally broke down after telling myself that I needed to do something than besides watch TV. So I basically told my dad that I was bored. He told me that he’d take me outside sometime this evening. I thought that was okay, considering I was still trying to figure out my words to do this post. My mom brought in little Stormy for some one-on-one time and I always have to go on the floor because he won’t be good and relax if I’m on my bed. This time he decided my lap was the perfect bed. It was actually more comfortable for him to be there anyways, but I couldn’t do anything once I got in that position. Luckily, he let me fix my music before he decided to go back on my legs for one last nap. When my mom brought in my big wheelchair into my room. When I went out, my dad sprayed some kind of bug spray on me that actually didn’t smell too bad, but he forgot to do himself so when we went to our neighbors the bugs were ignoring me but they were just eating him up like a grade. We went and visited with one half of our neighbors but didn’t stay very long as one of them was just leaving anyways. We left and went to another one of our neighbors and they have this beautiful pit bull puppy, her name is Lexi and she has the same colors as our old pit bull, she’s brown, black and white. She’s really sweet but she really hates her chain too. She’s climbing on people and she was giving me kisses, it’s been a while since I got big dog kisses. When I got home I thought ChiChi was going to have a cow, she didn’t even smell me, she was too into my wheelchair to care. I hope everybody’s been having a good week. Thank God tomorrow is Friday! ♥


Afternoon Out + Day In

866212080It was Monday. It’s a day that everybody just dreads after a good weekend, or just a weekend ends period. After not completing last week’s episode of Witches Of East End I kind of wasn’t into watching the new episode last night or this morning. So I kind of forgot about it being a Sunday altogether. I did though, taped Total Divas and watched that morning. I already had plans to go outside today before I even went to bed, so when I woke up at 9am, and my room was partly dark because the clouds had shielded the sun away. When I rolled over onto my back my mood and had intentions of going outside again was still intact. I ended up just started asking everyone if it was going to rain or not. Thankfully, the rain kept away long enough that I got to enjoy a good three hours outside. Not many times were I’m outside when it could potently rain or storm. The weather was breezy and cool, as the sun wasn’t out all but twice, I wasn’t too bothered by it though. It just felt good to be out of the house and around the cats.

I think they like the attention they get when one of us goes outside to spend some time with them. They’re getting used to my wheelchair, especially the unexpected turns I tend to make while on the porch and backyard. I could literally be there on the front porch for more than five minutes and all five cats will be on the porch, either lying on the ground or looking into the screen door, hoping somebody will either let them inside or feed them. Midget is starting to turn into her mommy, as she’s starting to climb on the screen door and window now. Which is very interesting because Midget doesn’t really do well indoors. Grumpy is more a indoors cat then his sister, if my door is closed to keep them in my room to visit, she tries everything to possibly to get out of there. She doesn’t like being locked in at all. Grumpy has his moments. He likes cuddling more than anything. He’ll reach up to you with his front paws and meow and purr to get you to pet him. He’s kind of taken over the role of our old cat Tubby, we don’t see him anymore and if he does come around he’s very scared of people and freaks out. It’s kind of sad honestly because he was one of the sweetest cats and loved getting cuddles too. Anyways, when Midget and her sister Stef wee little, they liked to follow me from one part of the yard to the other, like seriously! You’d swear they were racing me! It was so cute! I love doing it with Midget still, I literally caught myself looking over my shoulder and seeing her far back behind me, if I think she’s not going to try to race me she proves me wrong by scaring the shit out of me and running as fast as she can next up to the house. One of these days, we’re going to run into each other because my wheels will probably get caught on the tree roots. That would be an awkward scene to explain to my parents. “How the hell did you run over the cat’s paws?” “Oh, I got caught on the damn tree roots.” Lame.

Our two littlest babies, Kells and Stormy are getting used to my wheelchairs. Kells loves laying directly underneath my wheelchair and of course I hate it because I am literally stuck there until somebody opens the door and brings out food. Stormy is my go-to kitty whenever I can’t go outside. Mom likes to bring him inside because he kind of likes being inside. He actually likes his cuddles too. Everytime we have him inside, it’s almost like he wants me to go onto the floor because he gets very lonely and meows like crazy. He doesn’t like the bed very much. The times I go on the floor he gets in a lovey dovey mood, he still wants to play but he’s less curious and wants to cuddle up to my legs and take a nap. Which is fine with me because then I can either watch TV or do a crossword puzzle/read my book while he snoozes. On Sunday, Blondie was cleaning the inside of her car, it wasn’t so lonely to be out there by myself. I mean, the cats can’t give you a genuine conversation like a human being can, so I texted my friend and neighbor if she was at home. When she said she was. I asked my mom if I could go over there, after some persuasion she finally let me go, I went over there and had a good conversation with Sammy and her mom. Another one of our friends Kim came over just before Chey got off the bus. Which just blew my mind! I totally forgot there was school and it’s been in session for several weeks now. She didn’t come home very happy, so it was kind of difficult but she was okay. While I was sitting out there, the damn mosquitos were eating me up bad, Theresa went into the house and brought out these black sticks and for some odd reason I thought they were sparklers from July. Nope, they were incense sticks. Theresa put a few out around the floorboards of the porch and then Sammy brought some and stuck them in the ground around my chair. I told it looked like she was doing a witch ritual because she basically put them around the front end of my wheelchair. I’m not going to lie, they really did help a lot. They smelled pretty good, I think she said they had passion fruit, coconut, and mango. I was definitely the coconut the most. I honestly didn’t want to leave but I really had to go to the bathroom.

Tuesday, it’s been pretty boring. I’ve mainly been watching TV and listening to music all day long. Which isn’t a bad way to spend a day but it was boring. I got to watch Dr. Phil and totally regretted it. I’ve been drowning myself in Motionless In White and Flyleaf new albums too. I think after two days of being outside and around the kitties, I think I had my fill of them. I didn’t have any feelings of going outside when I got up. I’m very happy to see Dancing With The Stars back on again! I’m also very glad that Lolo went home (sorry spoiler!) I’m still trying to figure out which teams I’m on as it is the very first week, but I’m being pulled to Tavis Smiley, Tommy Chong, Sadie Robertson, and Lea Thompson right now. I don’t know who my mom is pulling for at the moment, but I’m sure I’ll be finding out soon because we’ll probably be at each other’s throats in a few more weeks, so beware!


Tune Tuesday: Spain


Hey, it’s another week of music travels and we head into Spain! I think Spain is a beautiful country! I love whenever bloggers go on vacations/holidays there, because then they talk about it and what they’ve done. My blogger friend Beth recently went there and blogged about her experience. There were two posts that I liked the most and I’ll include them in this post. The first was Malaga, Southern Spain and the second one is The Blossom Fairy. Make sure you go check out those posts after you finish this post! If you didn’t know this by now, I do have a favorite Spanish actress. Her name is Elsa Pataky. Yes, the same one that is married to Chris Hemsworth! I tend to talk about her a lot on here and my Twitter. I love her! I’m also a vivid reader of her blog that’s featured on Spanish’s Glamour site. I’ve posted that link a few times and I’m deciding not to link it onto this one. Sorry! Now we’re back to the real reason why I do these posts, the music! Last week we were in Russia talking about the symphonic metal band Revontulet. Well, I’ve got another symphonic metal band coming out of Spain, they’re called Diabulus in Musica. I’ve only listened to them a couple of times but I’ve got to say they’re pretty good! They just recently released their new album, Argia in April.

Sceneries Of Hope by Diabulus In Musica

Nocturnal Flowers by Diabulus In Musica

Come To Paradise by Diabulus In Musica