The Weekend Review

865614557This weekend has been a great one! After months of not being able to clean my room, I finally had legit reason to do it. I’ve been trying to hang out with my friend Vikki and her new little baby for some time now. It gets a little difficult to hang out with people when you can’t exactly get yourself from point A to point B. We’ve been trying to figure out how to get me to where she lives but I hardly ever go to that part of town so I knew one way or another she’d have to go over to the house instead. She wrote me on comments on my Facebook status Wednesday night and I had went to bed in the middle of it and my mom had gotten up in the middle of the night and I guess saw the comments between us and decided to help get us together. My dad had been talking about this concert that he and his buddies were going to go to on Friday. So my mom tells her that she can come over on Friday afternoon. We had it all planned out. I was originally going to clean my room Thursday evening after I got home from being at my nana’s house, but I did NOT have any energy when I got home and neither did my mom, so we both agreed that Friday morning we’d clean.

I got up at like, noon and I literally rubbed my face so I could see and went online before anybody put me to work or fed me anything. I had to do a few things and then I could do whatever. By two o’clock my mom had washed my hair and afterwards I was in my chair cleaning the crap out of my room. When I finished, I was in waiting mode and I was texting her a lot, then dad left just before six, and then she got to the house. She stayed for a good couple of hours and it was really nice to talk to somebody that I graduated high school with, I haven’t had a good conversation like that in a while. She told me that ever since she had Miss Jocelyn that she hasn’t been out either. She had asked me before she got there, if I wanted a Yoohoo. I hadn’t had one of those in YEARS! I do remember that one time I had one though, but I don’t remember how they tasted like, if it would soda like or taste like chocolate milk. I do know it’s still in fridge, now whether or not it’s been open by my dad or not is another story. Anyways, I asked her to bring some of her nail polish if she had any and she ended up bringing her makeup bag. She had a lot of pretty polishes but we never got to that point because of Joce but I was very understanding though. She was a good baby honestly. Around 9pm, we were in the living room, we kept hearing weird noises from the front door. I knew it had to been Midget, scratching at the door, but then about five seconds later, we heard words and then a knock. It freaked us out and then I went to get my mom, who was in her bedroom at the time with ChiChi. She opened the door and found Kristen at the door. I was surprised and happy at the same time.10659154_4484263842786_2445763817537496355_n

Kristen and her boyfriend came over and stayed at least half hour, Vikki had fed Jocelyn in my room because she was getting a little fussy and while Kristen was holding her, she just exploded all over Kristen. Vikki and I were thinking, it was bound to happen sometime, we just didn’t think it happen to Kristen. Vikki’s boyfriend or fiancée came over to pick them up and after they left, Kristen and her boyfriend left. By 8pm though, I was exhausted! I think I actually went to bed before it turned midnight. Dad didn’t get home until like 1 or 2 in the morning. The next day, it was Sammy’s birthday. She was going to have a carnival theme and she came over Thursday night I think and told us that she was going to have like different things like ring toss and cotton candy. I thought it was fun, especially since I played the crap out of the redneck ring toss. It was originally supposed to be a drinking game but I kind of started a little bit early and somehow the drinking part never got off the ground. We used glow in the dark sticks that hooked to each other as our rings and two together fit nicely around the beer cans. I was apparently a wiz at that game as I was hitting a lot of them, to the point that I could hit two at a time. When Sammy set up the balloons for the darts, I knew that I’d be rusty but not that bad! I only hit one balloon. Sammy and Chey were a lot better than me but I can still throw darts though. Considering I can’t play cornhole like everybody else, ring toss was a definite good game to have for me especially in the dark. I just have to remember now that it would not be smart to pull a thigh muscle sometime afterwards. That night was a blast and absolutely no alcohol was involved for me. Oh, and we might’ve found a bike I’d get to have my first ride on too!

10409054_4484264122793_8996116007302882451_nOn Sunday, I got to sleep in til 1pm, I gotta stop doing that honestly. My parents went on a bike ride with our neighbors and I went to my nana’s again. We had a very interesting topics to talk about, some things were a bit hard to swallow but I got through it and I think I’ve somehow healed myself in a way after having that chat. Two of those topics might be on this blog sometime this week. When my mom and dad got back from their bike ride. I went home with mom and when we got home, I thought it was too damn pretty to spend the rest of the afternoon inside. So I stayed outside hanging out with the cats for the first thirty minutes. Of course, I had to take pictures. I’m lucky I didn’t fall out of my wheelchair while I was petting Midget in the backyard because while I was in my big wheelchair, my seatbelt snapped off and freaked me out, but I was fine. After I was done looking around in our yard and at the trees. I have a huge fascination with our trees. I don’t know why but I do. It’s not the sizes of them, it’s more of the shades of green they go from in the changing seasons. Right now, they’re at a rich green and they look very pretty, but you can’t get a good picture of them because of the sun glaring at them. I also love the lone tree next to our house, it’s got this curve of the trunk and I just love it. It’s not perfect like the rest of them. As I was going from the backyard to the front, Midget was following me. Thankfully, none of them followed me when I went to our neighbor’s house. I stayed there and chatted with about different things. They also have a little kitten, named Twitches and she’s so cute! She definitely liked me petting her and when Sammy put her on my lap, she didn’t quite understand why my hands weren’t petting her so she leaning up to my face and nibbling on my fingers to get my attention. When I went home, my dad told me that mom was going to make a salad. She made a homemade salad with broccoli. It was nice and fresh!  So that was how my weekend went!

Midget (Stormy making a photo bomb)
Midget (Stormy making a photo bomb)
Full in bloom, won't be long til the leaves are gone
Full in bloom, won’t be long til the leaves are gone

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