Blogs That I Love #10


I’ve decided to break back my second series of my little blog. I’ve been getting a lot of new blogger friends on Twitter and I’m returning the favor by looking at their blogs and that if this sticks with me this upcoming month, I definitely won’t be running out of different bloggers to choose from that’s for sure! My new post of “Blogs That I Love” was June 27th, so you know I’ve discovered some great blogs over the past two months or so. Now I have to remind everybody of the reason why I do these posts. I don’t promote blogs to get something in return. I just want them to know that I love their blogs and want to brighten their day a bit. Everybody likes it when somebody does that, even if they’re already having a good day! If you’re not already following or reading these blog, I highly suggest that you do. Okay, let’s begin!

  1. The Weekender Trender – Georgina is one of my bestest Twitter friends. She’s a fashion, beauty, and lifestyle blogger. I love her to pieces, but I haven’t exactly “seen” her on my Twitter in the past few days. I don’t know if she’s gone on holiday or I’ve been following WAY too many people lately and all of my favorites are getting lost within my timeline, who knows? Anyway, I love her blog. It’s very simple and she over the summer she uploaded her first ever YouTube video of a haul. I’ve got to say for her first one ever, I thought it was impressive! I’m even watching it play out in my head as we speak!
  2. Elesaurus – Eleanor Rose is the owner of this cute little blog. I met her during the last bit of one of the many blogs we join during the week. We bonded talking about each other’s names and what our mother’s were thinking about before giving us our real names. We both agree that our names before were really bad! She’s a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blogger as well! She does a lot of beauty product reviews, she’s also started posting videos on YouTube too.
  3. Hayley-Eszti – Hayley is another “new” blogger to me. I’ve just recently found her while doing a blog chat on Twitter too. Something that I love about both Twitter and blogging is that finding other disabled lifestyle bloggers, or any kind of disabled bloggers in general are so rare. I’ve only followed probably seven of them. Hayley has ME. She found blogging during the rougher part of her diagnosis and she blogs about her life and the illness. She also talks about positivity, advice, and tips. She even does some beauty posts here and there too. If you want to know more about her disease: click here!
  4. Life With Rossye – One thing I gotta say before going any further, people who RT and follow different blogs constantly are the sweetest people ever. Rossye is one of them. She is a fairly new blogger to the game and got started by reading another blogs. She promotes on her blog lifestyle changes and a new way of thinking of everyday life. She talks a lot of healthy eating, travel, and even devoted a whole month to speaking in Spanish. Thank god for Google translate! The first day I discovered her blog, I think I was there for like two seconds and found my notifications just kind of blew up because she was liking a lot of my posts. Freaked me out because that hasn’t happened in a few months but it was still good that she liked my stuff.

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