Picture It & Write: Path Untaken

giant ogre
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The letters started coming randomly one month, they were addressed to everyone in the city.
Nobody understood why or how they were getting these every two weeks for three months, all it said was that there would be a secret art show in the city’s court house.

Everybody was intrigued to find out how there would be an art house in such a big place where their would be guards roaming the different hills and watching the people coming and going from the building.
All the worries and unanswered questions didn’t stop the hundreds of people wanting to see the “amazing artwork” on display.
One of the things that the letters said to do was NOT say anything about the art show to the guards because that just get the artists in trouble and then the whole thing would be ruined.
The second that was said, was to spread out and go in different directions, let your heart be your guide.

I went inside the old court house along with the rest of the community to see about this mysterious art show.
I figured that since the letters suggested we spread out and look around in the different hallways that the actual art wouldn’t be easy to spot.
People were good about walking around and keeping their mouths closed while the guards stood boldly in their places, not having a clue about why all these people were doing there.
In about twenty minutes, I let my heart follow into this narrow hallway, a few people around that had been in there said that there was nothing there but a locked door.
That’s when my heart raced and I knew I had to figure out a way into the room.
I walked past different people and grabbed ahold of the knob, it was indeed locked.
There was no key in sight but a young man leaning up against the edge of the hall with a slight grin on his face.
He saw me working with the door, before I knew it he started walking over towards me and inserted a small key into the hole and the click sounded like music to my ears.
The door opened to darkness but their were small black lights on the floor circling all of the areas of the room, the man closed the door behind us and all of the lights turned on to different paintings on the walls.
They were huge and gruesome.
I had been to some very abstract art shows in my time but this was different, but nevertheless awesome!

“Do you like it?” He said, leaning up against my back and into my ear.
“I love it, it’s interesting.” I told him leaning my head to my left.
“Good. would you like to see more?” He asked me.
I nodded and he led me into this secret door on the side of the room.
“Ladies first.” He said slyly.
I took four steps to him and felt my world cave in.


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