Picture It & Write: In A Bed Of Blood

silent dying by laura makabresku on Flickr

The young bride laid in bed with her new husband, they laid silently, the chipping of the grasshoppers and croaks of the nearby frogs were the only noise between them.
Thoughts of the day before still fresh in her bride, her heart beat ever so softly not to stir him awake.
He started off a gentleman, but faster did he turned and cold he became.
The plans and date were sat in stone, she couldn’t stop from falling off the ledge and as much as she wanted to run away she couldn’t.
Her eyes burned from the tears she cried from the madness she’d have to go through, living with this monster for the rest of her life.
Nobody wanted to believe her.
Nobody wanted to help her either.
There was no escape until she fell asleep and her mind left her down the silver stairs to her dreamscape.
The overwhelming feelings of feeling alone and hurt were nowhere to be found and she ran across the field of wild flowers, the sun sat in the sky and shined as bright as fire, she felt at peace.
Then the pain began again and she awoke with that angry face staring above her and shaking her body, before looking down were the pain was coming home and seeing the color red flow down her white night gown.
She felt no pain, just numbness, but saw a knife stuck her once more and feeling the bones in her body swallow her up, guarding her organs as they could.
She couldn’t move her hands as they were too weak of the loss of blood, she screamed for help and knew nobody would hear her cries of help.
Before she knew anything else, the pictures of the room vanished and the room turned white, like a light.
She finally woke back up in another room. a needle into her arm and sore bruises and itchy cuts everywhere.
Still she couldn’t move her body, people sat next to her in tears, until they notice her start to move slightly and they tell her everything and apologize for misguiding her and misunderstanding her words.
She gave a small smile and then a nurse came in to check out the bandages and even though she already knew what was wrong with her body, she didn’t bother believing her own thoughts.
“Why can’t I move my body?” She said in a slur, the nurse looked at her and to her family.
“Honey, you’re paralyzed.” Her weary mother told her, the last word repeated in her mind but still not going through, until the clear view of forever being in a wheelchair seemed a lot better than spending the rest of her family with a monster.


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