Picture It & Write: Empty Beach

I’ve been missing a lot of different writing challenges lately and I’m kind of inspired today so I’ve decided to do a couple or few, depending on how much comes out of me. So this should be interesting. I hope you enjoy them though.

The seasons were starting to change, but it didn’t stop the never-ending crowds of people consuming time at the beach.
They took refuge on the warm sand and felt the cool breeze of the temperature drop as the sun disappeared and the ocean splashed violently up against the shore.
The laughter of families and waves crash on the surf boards.
Nothing was going to ruin the fun, not even if it started to rain on them.
But when a random guy that just rode the largest wave there, yelled out the word, “SHARK!”
Everybody was out of the water as fast as lightning and the screams of joy turned to screams of horror.
What was to be a good day out by the beach turned into a disaster.
Whenever everybody left the beach, there was only person laying on brightly colored towel, obviously wanted to sunbathe but when the sun hid in the clouds, she was already asleep and had her earbuds in so she couldn’t hear the people running around like a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off.
When she woke up, she looked at the empty beach, turned off her music and heard nothing but the seagulls and the crashes of the waves.
The hair on her back stood straight up and her skin was slightly cold to the touch.
She wrapped herself in the towel and took off her sunglasses, stared out into the misty ocean.
She wondered what happened and what she had missed.
After examining the rest of the beach in her position, she stood up still covered in the towel, wiped the excess sand off the rest of the towel before wrapping the other side around her body.
She packed her stuff and walked back to her rental car and climbed inside.
She turned on the car and heard on the local radio of the warnings of shark witnesses in the same area.
She finally understood why the beach had become so deserted.


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